Global Obesity Rates Expected To Multiply In the Next Thirty Years

The Lancet recently published a four-part series that spoke about the global obesity epidemic. According to the predictions made by the periodical, the amount of people who suffer from obesity has doubled in the last thirty years. With the amount of people who are topping the scales, there are also millions of people who are being forced to pay repercussions for their actions.

Millions of people, all around the world are suffering with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and going into strokes. All of these medical conditions are closely linked to excessive weight gain. The findings that were found about the obesity epidemic suggest that national governments should take action against this epidemic before it causes an even larger problem than it already has.

The first part of the four-part series examined the main things that are causing the obesity epidemic to occur. While, the second portion of the report talked about the obesity trends that were occurring throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. As you analyze the trends of the epidemic, it is clear to see the impact that the condition has on healthcare spending.

Medical facilities are spending tons of money having to take care of people who have medical conditions caused by their weight. Even though the medical practitioners are not going to complain about helping out their fellow-man, the expenses that obesity is putting on the healthcare budgets of various countries is astounding.

The third portion of the Lancet report demonstrated a web-based bodyweight simulation model that showed the different metabolic changes that occurred in people as they decreased their total bodyweight. The last paper showed the different interventions that need to take place in order to reverse the epidemic, slowing down its progression. Obesity accounts for millions of deaths worldwide. If there were a way to halt the epidemic and reverse the changes that obesity has made on people’s lives, millions of lives would be saved and millions of dollars would also be preserved as well.

Looking at the progression of this weight epidemic, if the world were to continue on at the pace that they are presently at, than by the year 2030 more than 65 million Americans would be obese. In the United Kingdom, more than eleven million people would fall into this category also.

Y. Claire Wang, a lead author from Columbia University’s School of Public Health warns that eventually obesity is going to replace tobacco, when it comes to non-communicable diseases. The leading author estimates that the United States will experience an increase of $38 billion to $66 billion, to treat the medical conditions caused by obesity.

If steps are not taken to stop this epidemic from growing, the consequences that the world is facing are catastrophic. If every person that falls into the obese category were to decrease their body mass index by at least one percent, this could eliminate 2.4 million cases of diabetes, 1.7 million causes of heart disease and stroke, and eliminate at least 127,000 from contracting cancer in the United States alone.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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