Gluten IS Worse Than You Think

There was a time when the world was flat, cigarettes were not harmful, and gluten wasn’t so bad.

Here’s why it is going to take decades and millions more to get hurt before the mainstream understands why gluten is as dangerous as it is: unless the person triggers an acute reaction, it is impossible to tell what gluten is doing to them. Most will NEVER find out they had gluten intolerance and just wake up one day to cancer, diabetes, and over 300 other possible diseases. Because everyone reacts differently, gluten has the perfect camouflage.

Someone can easily think they were born with bad genes and that being overweight is hereditary for them and they’ll never realize it was gluten intolerance all along.

Another person “mysteriously” develops diabetes never realizing gluten has been disrupting their blood sugar level for years.

Depression, eczema, ADHD, arthritis, and on and on this list goes. But none of these are like an anaphylactic shock kind of reaction so that the person could make the link immediately; gluten wears you down slow-as-molasses so you’ll never know what the culprit was, even think it’s “normal” or hereditary. Gluten really does have the perfect camouflage.

I think of my own body: definitely in superior health compared to 99% of the population, always strong and athletic – my friends couldn’t even figure out why I never got a cold more than once a decade! And yet there were little signs since I was 5 years old, like eczema, which we thought was “nothing”. Guess what, nothing abnormal is “nothing”. We are ALL designed to be healthy and happy and pain free and free of skin rashes and not battle with weight like we do and,…

It comes down to learning, understanding, recognizing the signs. Don’t wait until you HAVE to learn because not everything is reversible. MS isn’t, Alzheimer’s isn’t, Sjogren’s isn’t (as Venus Williams just learned), Celiac isn’t (as I learned) – there is a LONG list of disorders you do NOT want to become intimate with, believe me. Even the ones that ARE reversible… do you really want your thyroid to get shot, blow up to 400 pounds, have surgery, and spend a few years getting back to normal?

Get tested for 1) genes for Celiac Disease  2) gluten sensitivity  …it might spare you or your child from unnecessary sickness. I only wish I knew all this years ago or that my parents knew that all my “hereditary little nothings” were neon signs of a major storm brewing. Gluten IS worse than you think.

Jaqui Karr

Gluten and Nutrition Expert, Bestselling Author, Jaqui Karr is the authority on gluten - Visit Jaqui's website now for information about how gluten is destroying your health

2 thoughts on “Gluten IS Worse Than You Think

  • June 7, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Can gluten sensibility be tested? Would you recommend everybody to go gluten free or just those who are intolerant or sensitive?

  • August 11, 2012 at 5:09 am

    My wife has celiac disease and I think I might be showing signs too, we have a son and I would appreciate some dietary tips for the family thank you


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