Are You Going to the Gym for the Right Reasons?

Before you begin to work out you need to know why you are working out and you need to clearly define your goals and your intentions. Sticking to a training program is very much a psychological challenge more than it is a physical one, and if you are constantly finding excuses not to continue with your training then it might just be that you don’t really want it enough, or that you don’t at least know why you want it. Here I’m going to remind you why training is such an important thing to incorporate into your lifestyle – and then I’m also going to illustrate some of the wrong reasons for working out.

What You Are Compared to What You Could Be

Most people don’t make the most of their body’s capabilities and potential and this is something that I view as a real shame – and I’m not just talking about the couch potatoes or the people who don’t go to the gym… I’m talking about nearly everyone.

If you think about a top athlete and the condition that their muscles are in, then recognize that this is something that your body could be approaching. There’s nothing that sets them apart from you other than the training, and that means that they are all what you could be.

And furthermore this is what we should be. If you look at primitive man in the wild, then here was a species that would run for miles every single day tracking animals across the African Savannah and managing to outpace them over days. This is how we were evolved and this is what our bodies are designed for.

Countless studies have shown that by taking part in regular exercise like this we can increase our cognitive ability, our awareness and more and that we can prevent many of the symptoms of ageing and a range of different illnesses. Quite simply by sitting in an office day in and day out your body gets slow and clogged up and it’s no wonder that we are always ill and always feeling tired.

The Gym

Furthermore though, for your own sense of achievement and wellbeing you should sometimes be in the gym. A huge number of men and women find that they are dissatisfied with their lot in life and that they wish they had a more fulfilling and adventurous lifestyle. This is why we watch films about gladiators and intergalactic battles, and love action films with huge explosions – we crave action and adventure and these are our heroes.

So we look to these heroes on the silver screen and wish that our lives were more like that, but then at the same time we do nothing to create this. We should go to the gym simply because that’s the closest to being a warrior or a superhero we can become – going toe to toe against the metal or the treadmill in order to make ourselves stronger, faster and more mentally fierce. We should go to the gym quite simply so that if ever we met Batman we would have something to talk about…

Why You Shouldn’t Go to the Gym

And by the same token then you shouldn’t go to the gym if your reason is that you want to get nice abs for the ladies, because you think you should, or because you want to lose some weight. Go to the gym for the gym’s own sake – not as a means to an end. Enjoy the burn and the rush and realize that this is you in your natural environment (or as close as you will get). Suddenly the desire is no longer to look a bit nicer, but just to go to the gym and train. And that’s when you’ll see results.

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