Five Good And Healthy Snacks For Travelers

With the Holidays upon us, many will soon be taking a trip and traveling to see family and friends all over the US and abroad. Some will look for low-budget accommodations while others will fly in style, but one thing they will both agree on is that airplane food and snacks are seriously lacking now a days. Before you would have your pick of the litter now you’re lucky if you get a tiny snack bag of nuts and one drink. However all is not lost, you can bring your own.

[box type=”info”]Bringing your own snacks while traveling can be the best of both worlds as you can specifically bring what you like and prefer. See our top picks below for good and healthy snacks for travelers.[/box]

1. Almonds

This staple of good nutrition makes our list as it contains lots of goodies anyone can appreciate, but travelers especially since it contains fiber to keep you feeling full along with Vitamin E, calcium, iron and potassium. This wonder nut is always a good bet, unless you’re allergic than it’s not.

2. Raisins

These dried grapes are great for so many reasons. Mostly because they are delicious but also because they are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol making them an ideal snack for anyone who’s been given direct doctor orders to stay away from salt. They also are great because despite having a *high concentration of sugars, raisins fight bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities and gum disease. (*from Wikipedia)

3. Yogurt

If you’re a lactose intolerant traveler, then give yogurt a try. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the popular blueberry or strawberry flavored variety, whichever is your pleasure yogurt also has a good amount of protein, calcium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. For a bit of trivia, did you know that Yogurt with fruit on the bottom was introduced in the US by Dannon in 1947? Well, now you know.

4. Pecans

This wonderful nut is a good source of healthy mono-unsaturated fat, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Many vegetarians and vegans get a good bulk of their protein from nuts, such as pecans. Everyone knows pecan pies, but pecans are great all by themselves as a quick, tasty and healthy snack.

5. Plantain Chips

These great chips are popular in the Hispanic and Latin American communities and as a Latina I know these chips well. They’re delicious and come loaded with all sorts of goodness including fiber, potassium, iron, calcium and Vitamins. You should be able to find them at your local grocer, Whole Foods or ask a Spanish friend; he or she will know where to get some. Once you taste them, you’ll be back for more.

That wraps up our list of five good and healthy snack ideas for travelers. List your personal faves below in the comment area.


Guest article by Missy Diaz: who works for an online rent a car service provider.


This article was written by Missy Diaz who works for several clients. She writes on a variety of topics and for a wide number of sites, when she's not writing web content she can be found biking, running, riding horses and or scuba diving.

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