Guided Meditation For Helping Kids Cope with Grief (Audio)

Protecting our kids from life’s hardships is a natural desire shared by every parent. Unfortunately we can’t stop loss and pain from entering our children’s worlds.  What we can do, is make sure they are equipped with effective tools to handle the wide range of emotions that they are certain to experience.

SG – Guided Meditation for grief by Shanti Generation

When a child faces an emotional challenge with support and guidance they feel safe and naturally process the experience without getting stuck in negative behavioral patterns. Instead of developing tendencies toward anxiety, depression, or fear, it is possible for a child to move directly into a feeling of empowerment and peace once they have faced their challenge with adequate support and resources.

Yoga and meditation are tools that we can teach our children to use at any time. A simple yoga pose like, child’s pose, can help an anxious child settle in for a good nights sleep.  Warrior pose can help a child experiencing big changes feel grounded and centered amidst chaos.  The more we share these tools with our children, the more they become the masters of their own domain and learn to self-sooth and self-regulate. In these stressful times, these qualities are needed more than ever if we are to live a peaceful, happy life.

Please sit with your child and listen to the guided meditation below. If your child is new to meditation, there’s no need to do anything other than listen for the first few times. As your child becomes familiar with the meditation, encourage him or her to join you as you move into the suggested meditation pose.  This is a great meditation to come back to again and again when your child is experiencing a hardship.

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Abby Wills

Abby Wills, MA, E-RYT, has joyfully spent the past 13 or so years on the yoga and mindfulness playground with kids, teens and teachers at schools and centers across Los Angeles and beyond. She finally found her perfect guru in September 2010, her first son Falken. Abbys’ other baby is Shanti Generation, through which she created “Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers” here:

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  • March 9, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Its a parents responsibility to look over their children especially in times of hardship, parents should be the first one who will help them not other people around them.


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