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The Seven Habits of Highly Relaxed People

Let’s admit: most of us experience stress on a daily basis.

Even if you take all the important steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, at times it just gets really difficult to cope with life demands and pressures at work and at home.

Some people say that life without challenges would be boring, but too much stress, especially over a long period of time, can create a lot of problems and put your health at risk.

We are all familiar with stress symptoms like feelings of fear and worry, pounding heart, muscle aches and irritability as well as physical and mental exhaustion.

So, what kind of stress management techniques should we use in order to lower our daily stress levels to the minimum?

Here are Seven Stress Management Techniques

everyone should use to successfully reduce and prevent stress in any environment:

1)     Time Management

Get into a habit of making a list of everything that needs to be done, set up realistic goals and make plans in advance and stick to them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2)     Positive Thinking

A lot of times stress is associated with negative and critical thinking.

Try to always focus your attention on positive thoughts about yourself, your job, your family etc.

Never use the word “hate” – switch to the word “dislike”.

3)     Problem Solving

Avoid extreme reactions to any difficult situations and learn problem solving skills by reading self-help books or taking classes on-line that will dramatically help your ability to cope with stress.

4)     Relaxation Skills

Learning how to relax is very crucial. Save some time for yourself:

5 minutes of meditation a day or listening to your favorite song, doing some gardening or simply a nice bubble bath;

or anything that will make you feel good about yourself and your life.

There is some evidence that daily relaxation may protect you from at least some of the physical responses to stress.

5)     Express Yourself

If you have to deal with a problem at home or at work, speak up in respectful ways.

Sharing your feelings and thoughts in a tactful and assertive manner can help reduce your stress level.

6)     Physical Activity

Engaging in any kind of physically demanding activities like going to the gym or taking a brisk walk is a great cure for a stressful day.

And the last one and very important:

7)     Practice Smile Therapy

Having a bad day? Your boss is being a jerk and your car broke this morning?

Read some really funny jokes or inspirational quotes and smile like crazy no matter what.

It’s a proven fact that smiling makes us feel better.

And believe me – everything will start coming back together.

Research has shown that when we smile or laugh, our brain assumes that we are happy.

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What Kind of Stress Management Techniques Do You Use?



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