Handle Stress Better to Reach Your Potential

Stress is an everyday fact of life; everyone experiences it.  We all know that it is bad for our health but have we taken the time to assess the impact that it might be having on our goal to build muscle?  If we can cut the level of stress in our lives that can only be a positive thing.

There is actually a stress hormone called cortisol, and the result is it that it thwarts muscle growth,by breaking down muscle tissue.  Cortisol also encourages the deposit of fat around the waist, which basically puts to naught all that time you spend doing crunches and sit-ups for a rock hard midsection.  If you don’t want to sabotage your progress in the gym, then it’s about time you start paying attention to your stress levels.

A great indicator of the amount of stress in our lives is a lack of sleep.  It has been proven that persons who sleep less lose muscle mass more easily.  This is because it is during sleep that your body has time to recover and repair itself.  Depriving yourself of sleep deprives your body of the ability to heal, and this can only negatively affect your attempt to build muscle.

Stress is not conducive to build muscle as the condition which the body goes through is counterproductive.  The heart beats faster, you think less clearly, and you are tense.  Energy will be going towards the turbulent changes in your body, and not to build muscle.  The best thing you can do is to find spiritual and meditative activities to counteract stress.  We often times take for granted the connection between the mind and body, but the state of mind has a direct impact on the physical state of the body.

What is readily apparent is that no matter how you might be doing everything right in terms of training and nutrition, you need to deal with stress to reach your full potential.  High stress levels can reverse the gains made in the gym.  If you have a stressful lifestyle, you need to assess the situation to see how best you can lessen it and have more fun.

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