Happy New Moms and Babies: Tips that Work

New mothers find that their lives have changed dramatically since the arrival of their baby. Any routine that you may have been accustomed to has changed. The way you interact with other people has changed, and even the “down” time that we all deserve has all but disappeared.

After a month or two of this hectic schedule, any new mother can find herself with the “baby blues.” This does not mean that you are disappointed with your baby or at becoming a mother. It simply means that you have not figured out how to adjust to the new routine. Thankfully, every new mother goes through it, even after their second or third child, and each comes out of it without issue.


It is all about reclaiming your schedule and finding a few minutes for yourself each day. It may seem impossible to do at this point in your life, but it really is easy to accomplish. All you have to do is take a few steps back and reevaluate the situation and see where you can add or take things away from your life to create a more structured routine for yourself.

There is nothing more heartbreaking and frustrating to a new mom than a baby that won’t seem to stop crying. In most cases, babies simply have gas that they cannot expel themselves. Patting their backs does not always work, leaving the baby to cry endlessly and the worried mom to become frantic. There are a few “old wives” tricks that may help your baby and bring some peace into your life.

Solutions to Some Common Problems

  • Peppermint- Take a peppermint candy and place it in some warm water in a bottle. Let your baby drink this for a bit and try burping them again. Peppermint naturally soothes the stomach and will help the baby burp.
  • Bouncing- Sometimes you need a different type of motion to help the child burp. Placing them in a baby bouncer may give them the motion that they need to bring the gas up. A Bright Starts bounce bounce baby seat will be equipped with head support for smaller infants, and a harness to keep them in the seat. Many play soft music to soothe the baby and most have vibration settings that give the baby a feeling of being rocked. For older infants, these seats have toys attached that will keep them amused.
  • Singing While this may seem silly, a baby can sense when you are upset and will react to that by crying. Of course, you are only upset because they are crying, thus a vicious circle is formed. Singing a soft song to them while you are trying to burp the baby will allow the baby to relax their muscles enough to burp naturally.
  • Comforting- Newborns want the comfort of their mother at all times. However, there are things that must be accomplished each day, such as taking a shower, cooking dinner, or even answering correspondence that cannot be done with a baby in arm. Most mothers delay these tasks as long as possible for fear of the baby crying when set down. The best solution to this problem is not just to let the baby cry like some people will tell you; it is utilizing a bouncy seat.

Having a baby changes your life. It does not, however, have to change who you are. You can still have a routine, still have free time, and still wake up feeling refreshed if you take the time to use the “tricks of the trade” to your advantage.

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