5 Health Benefits of Eating Bananas You Don’t Think About

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Bananas?

If you ever remember watching Banana Man as a kid then there’s a good chance that you would have, for a little bit at least, eaten more bananas than you may have otherwise and it might suddenly have seemed a lot more interesting to eat bananas than it is now.  As you grew older you probably realized that bananas wouldn’t do much for your flying ability and you may have become a little less interested in bananas once again and even stopped eating them as much as you were. But this could be a mistake…

You see bananas won’t help you to fly no, but they are still highly beneficial foods that can do a great deal for your health. And while they offer lots of health benefits, they still manage to be delicious, quick to eat, and practical. While eating an apple can feel like a long chore, eating a banana is no effort at all and so it’s a good way to sneak some more fruit into your diet or that of a child.

So what are the benefits of the humble banana? Read on for a few of them:

1. Fiber:

Bananas are rich in fiber which means that they can help you to clear out your system with ease. When you eat the rough parts of a banana they will pass through your system undigested and as they do they will clear out your arteries, veins and digestive tracts thus helping to lower your cholesterol and so your blood pressure. You’ll be less likely to suffer from a number of conditions and you’ll feel more energetic too.

2. Energy:

Bananas are a fantastic source of calories as they contain 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of cholesterol. The sugar is also relative slow releasing meaning you get a nice supply of energy throughout the day. Have a banana in the morning and it will help you to keep going well into lunch.

Not good enough for you? Well the even better news is that bananas also contain 20% of your vitamins B6 RDA; the role of which is to help you to get more energy from your carbs meaning that it goes further than it otherwise would without the B6. B6 is also very good for your nerves and your brain.

3. Vitamin C:

Like many other fruits, bananas are rich in vitamin C. This means they can help you to fight colds and sniffles and generally enjoy fewer illnesses. Meanwhile vitamin C is also an antioxidant meaning it can prevent the oxidative damage to cell walls that may otherwise lead to premature ageing and cancer.

4. Potassium:

One of the things that bananas are best known for in terms of health benefits is their potassium content which basically helps to balance your electrolytes which in turn means that you become less likely to suffer from cramps. This is another good reason to eat a banana before a run in particular.

5. Dopamine:

But my particular favourite use for bananas is as a mood enhancer – bananas are high in dopamine which is a chemical that improves mood naturally and helps to combat depression. This means that by eating bananas – especially the riper variety – you are able to increase your mood which will further help with productivity and energy too.


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One thought on “5 Health Benefits of Eating Bananas You Don’t Think About

  • August 29, 2012 at 10:11 am

    This was a very informative post! Although I’ve never seen the BananaMan cartoon, you’d probably never know by the amount of bananas I eat. I love it all- banana bread, banana pudding, just natural bananas, you name it. Good to know they’re actually doing something for my body besides just being delicious of course!

    Well written!


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