The Health Benefits of Coffee – Can a Couple of Cups Be a Good Thing?

For decades we have been hearing about the perils of drinking coffee, mostly due to the caffeine content.  All of the dangers of increased heart rate, stroke, circulation and nervous system damage have been proclaimed over and over, at length. However, today scientists are claiming caffeine, or coffee to be more specific, may actually have some beneficial properties for the human body and brain. This new information has been most welcomed by avid coffee drinkers, as well as by people who lost hope and had finally given up coffee. There is a good possibility coffee does not have to be eliminated totally after all.

Alzheimer’s Disease Studies

Whilst we know scientific evidence has shown there is something in coffee that may actually keep the brain functioning properly for a longer period of time, we don’t know exactly what that something is. That is, no one has ever really mentioned the exact chemical in coffee, but still, conclusive data released in studies performed through many prestigious medical testing centers has emerged. What we do know is whatever this wonder chemical is, it boosts levels of GCSF (Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor), thereby helping lab mice fend off Alzheimer’s disease. If Grandma seems to be slipping into a forgetful state, give her some coffee and see how she does.

Enhanced Attention to Detail

We coffee drinkers know not to try to think much before we have had our fix. In fact, the people who love us dearly know this too, and this is why they tend to steer clear until the dose has been administered. We have known for as long as coffee has been around that it is a picker-upper, but we haven’t known there is actual substantiality to just how powerful coffee is. Proofreading is a great example of just one of the activities that is enhanced quite nicely by coffee. In studies, people who drank coffee in the morning were much more likely to pick up on small details, those who hadn’t missed.

Coffee Could Keep Mum Happier

This one is great, as no one likes to see a woman depressed!  In fact, when the woman of the house is depressed, many negative things happen. It is almost safe to say some households become totally unglued. The esteemed Harvard University in Boston, MA thought so too, and as a result performed its own study that showed conclusive and even remarkable results in relation to lower depression rates in women who drink coffee, as opposed to those who don’t.

So, what does all of this mean? It means that coffee, when consumed in moderation may have health benefits that up until now were unknown. Of course, too much of anything is a bad thing so no one is saying a pot of coffee a day is good for the body because it probably isn’t. Nevertheless, we know a couple of cups a day may keep specific conditions way. To find out more about the many benefits of drinking coffee, do your own research and see what other sources are saying.

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