Why Sprouts Rawwwk!!!

Let’s start with: sprouts retard the aging process (that’s enough info for most LOL but let’s know more, and I’m giving you the super condensed short version!)

 Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts

Sprouts are a living “bio-genic” food which means it strongly supports the regeneration of cells in your body

They contain something most foods don’t have: oxygen (2 time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warbur said he found cancer cells to be initiated by lack of oxygen)

They are an alkaline food and do a terrific job of raising our body’s alkaline level

Sprouts provide EFA’s (essential fatty acids), fiber, chlorophyll (awesome blood cleanser), and a whole array of other vitamins and minerals (which vary from variety to variety of sprouts, so keep alternating!)

This is an extremely nutritionally dense food with such few calories, low on the glycemic index, and incredibly easy to incorporate into meals every day! Throw them into green smoothies, salads, chop them up over soups, layer into raw lasagna…

If you are looking for ideas, just look at the recipes in “The Naked Food Den” album on my NakedFood page on facebook – these are all my personal recipes and you’ll notice sprouts are incorporated into meals very often!

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