Health Hair Tips: Moisturize and Seal

Hey guys, today I am coming at you with a post about moisturizing and sealing hair. This is a really important fundamental skill for anybody how is starting on their hair care regimen or any hair care program.

It does not have to be daily, but moisturizing and sealing your hair should be as natural for you as washing your hands before lunch. Moisture is a thing your thing cannot leave without. Go back to any of my older posts about hair growth or hair care and you’ll see moisturizing mentioned everywhere.

Step 1:  Choosing the moisturizer

The first thing I want to start with is the moisturizing part. For me moist means water, so if the product does not contain water it will not moisturize anything. I am not a fan of oil/cream products that are intended to be moisturizers. In my opinion they are not. They may give you the feel that they are moisturizing but they are not.

Stay away from any products labeled as “oil moisturizer” or “cream moisturizer”. I made this mistake before, so don’t be ashamed if you also did it. These kinds of product are more like a hair conditioner if you ask me. So, don’t use oils as moisturizers. Oils are actually blocking moisture from getting it or out of your hair.

Now, what I recommend as a moisturizer is basically any product that has water in it and does not have any oil or mineral oil. The product should be a very lite solution, very fluid and extremely lite. So, even if you apply it every day it is ok, and it will not weight on your hair, it will not make it greasy.

[box type=”important”]When you are buying a moisturizer make sure that on the ingredients list the first one is water. That is my golden rule. The second and third ingredients should not be mineral oil or heavy oils. Usually ingredients are listed from higher to lower percentage, so water should be in the highest percentage.[/box]

When I first started my hair care regimen my hair was not that healthy, and it always looked dry. That is why I used to moisturize every day. I recommend doing the same if you feel that your hair is dry. Anyhow, now I am not using moisturizers every day, and when I do I use a dime size amount. The amount may vary depending on how much hair you have though.

Step 2. How to apply the moisturizer

When I apply moisturizer to my hair I usually start from the ends, because those are the most vulnerable parts and need the moist the most, and then work it up towards the hair shaft. I always use my hands to apply the solution because this way I can feel if my hair needs more moisturizer.Sealing is like a follow-up to moisture.

Sealing is the locking-in of the moisture. It just keeps it from coming out. This is achieved by using oils. These oils range from very lite oils like avocado oil to very thick or heavy like castor oil. I like to use avocado oil as both a sealing product but also conditioner because it actually penetrates the hair shaft, unlike other more thick oils that just sits on your hair.I only use sealing only I feel that my hair is extra dry, and when I use it I only put in like 4 or 5 drops, so a very little amount that I then distribute all over my hair with special attention to my ends.



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