Health Risks for People with Fat Bellies

Metabolic syndrome - man with huge obese belly fat

Health Risks of the Metabolic Syndrome

The fat in the belly is not like the fat accumulation that happens in other parts of the body. This is because in other parts of the body the fat deposits itself between the muscle and the skin and these fats are known as subcutaneous fats. Dissolving these fats is simple and easy. However the fat that is around the belly is called visceral fat, this is very thick, deep and stubborn. This fat penetrates well into the abdomen and completely surrounds the organs. The belly fat is difficult to dissolve if proper measures are not taken.

There are a multitude of causes for the belly fat. A sedentary lifestyle, bad food habits and excessive drinking only pack a lot of fat around the belly. A bulky waistline not only makes one look unattractive but also has several health issues associated with it. Listed below are some of the issues that one can face because of belly fat.

  • Heart diseases are the common problems that arise because of fat in the belly. Studies have made it evident that those who have a big stomach are more prone to several types of heart diseases.
  • Metabolic Syndrome is another issue that is faced by people who have a big belly.  People suffering from this syndrome are vulnerable to many diseases. Though metabolic syndrome can happen because of various reasons, the main reason for the syndrome is a bulky waistline. Hence it is imperative to have a check on the belly fat.
  • Diabetes is another health risk that is associated with belly fat. People who are thin also develop diabetes but then research has shown that it is mostly obese people who are prone to be diabetic. This is because usually a fat belly becomes insensitive to facilitate insulin which will undoubtedly result in diabetes. This makes it clear that there is a direct connection between diabetes and a fat belly. This calls for reduction of belly fat in a healthy way. It is better to reduce belly fat only by natural methods and not by consuming drugs.  Consuming more drugs can be counterproductive as it can also lead to an over dependence on drugs.
  • Visible decrease in the cognitive ability is another issue one faces because of the fat that is accumulated around the belly.  Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between the fat in the abdomen and the mental health of a person. People who have fat around the abdomen are more prone to diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. This shows that belly fat not only deteriorates physical health but also spoils the mental health of a person.
  • Lethal diseases like strokes and other heart diseases can have a more devastating effect on a person who has a fat belly as against a person not having the same.

All this makes it very clear that the risk associated with belly fat is not something that can be neglected and proper steps need to be taken at the right time to stay trim and healthy. It is very evident that a healthy lifestyle is mandatory for a healthy mind and body.

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