Health Tips for Teenagers

The human body can pretty much alter itself at any point in its lifespan, but a person’s teenage years are possibly the most important for setting the body up for a long and healthy life. So many changes occur between the years of 13 and 20 and it is up to you how you manage those to ensure you can enter into your adult life a very healthy individual indeed.

And with all the contradicting information about what is actually good for you and what is bad;  it is important to stick to the simple “truths” that matter the most.

Many of the basic tips and tricks that would help your body for the future can be cheap (if not free) to do and can implemented into your lifestyle with ease; here are just a few of them:

Eating your fruit and veg

Most teenagers love to eat what they will, which usually means chocolate and fizzy drinks galore, but it is important to remember that you must balance the bad with the good at the very least and get a regular intake of both fruit and vegetables.

Vital vitamins and minerals are contained in both sets of food that help control weight, ease digestion and makes for happy organs. You should certainly see sweets and the like as treats and focus your energy instead on creating healthy meals that involve a good selection of vegetables, while eating fruit as an in between snack.

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Get active to get fit

Although at the end of it, your body might hate you, regular exercise is a must, as cardiovascular workout has many benefits for your body, including weight control, decreasing stress, help create a positive mood and boost general energy.

Exercise on a regular basis also helps prevent diseases and helps you create positive sleep patterns and increase quality of sleep. There are many activities you can get involved with and you should look to your school or college to see what they have on offer to help you in this cause.

Avoiding those little sticks of death

Smoking is something everyone knows is dangerous and I can only hope I’m speaking to the converted, but even those who are aware of just how dangerous cigarettes are continue to smoke them. Smoking causes so many problems that don’t just stop with cancer, but also include breathing problems, lung disease, yellow teeth and terrible breath.

The key, of course, is to never start smoking, but for those that do and want to stop, there are many remedies and methods to help you quit. As well as the usual nicotine patches and going cold turkey, there are also such implements as electronic cigarettes that are not harmful to the body or environment thanks to the electronic cigarette technology. The lack of chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide mean that your lungs aren’t harmed by using e-cigs and only water vapour is released into the air as a by-product.

Look after your skin

Most people aren’t aware of how important it is to protect your skin and the situations that can arise where the most exposed part of your body is at risk. The sun is the biggest threat to your skin, especially when you’re on holiday where the sun is a lot more powerful than it is back home; this is where sun cream and occasionally just staying in the shade is vital in preventing skin damage.

Moisturising is also a great way to protect your skin from day-to-day wear and tear, especially implementing it to your face and hands, but feet and joints are also places that can benefit from such action.

Sam Bisby

Sam is a content writer across many fields - including health and fitness. He has a degree in journalism and loves to write as much as he physically can.

2 thoughts on “Health Tips for Teenagers

  • February 4, 2013 at 10:02 am

    In my view, these good pieces of advice are, at the best, just routine and framework. I can say that almost 90% or more of teenagers know most of these things but still continue along the line of self-destruction. Smoking, for example, is something everybody knows is not right for health but peer pressure and the crave to keep up appearances are the driving force to engage in such habit. With regard to diet and nutrition, I think society has to take the bull by the horns and jump into the fray. Must we continue to sell food that contains health-damaging substances all in the name of freedom? The society has to answer that question. Must we continue to sell cigarettes and only place a minimum age-limit for smoking? The society has to answer that. If every world society continues to play the ostrich and hopes, and with smug feeling, that things would be right someday without any conscious efforts at tackling these habits headlong, then we just have to forget about sermonizing on paths to good health, for people are bound to go the wrong way; people have this natural propensity to go the wrong way all the time; and with deleterious consequences unfortunately.


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