Healthy Food To Improve Your Mood

“You are what you eat”……. How true is this old adage?

With a simple understanding of diet and nutrition, it becomes quite apparent that it’s pretty darn true.

One of the many things that can affect who we are and how we act is our diet choices.  Our overall health and wellness decisions can play major roles in what kind of person we choose to become.  Not only do our diet and fitness choices directly affect our physical state, but they can also have a great affect on our mental and emotional states of being, making what we eat a pertinent detail to pay close attention to.  So when you do hear the old proverb, “you are what you eat”, believe it.

Feed the Beast Inside!

Our mood, when exposed to others can say a whole lot about us.  Our diet, healthy or not can play a direct role in our mood and how we choose to express it.  Our bodies can speak to us through cravings, hunger, thirst, satisfaction and sickness.  And it’s only when we choose to listen to this feedback, that we can jointly achieve what we were meant to do.

Many times the choices we make in nutrition and fitness, or lack thereof is detrimental to our bodies, and they speak back to us through these feelings of hunger or thirst etc.  When our bodies are lacking a needed vitamin or nutrient or are receiving the same, our mood can portray that.  It’s important to listen to our body and feed the beast inside with a balanced diet and proper nutrition.

“Mood Food”

Healthy and nutritious foods are key in improving mood.  Eating a diet that is plentiful in a variety of vitamins, trace elements and minerals is a great way to improve mood.  Low fat protein foods such as turkey or chicken are made up of amino acids which can boost dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain, leading to increased energy and motivation.  Magnesium rich foods such as bananas or beans can help with anxiety and stress management as well as assisting with sleep.

Foods with selenium in them like seafood or whole grain breads have been linked with increased energy, increased happiness, an upbeat mood and reduction in feelings of anxiousness.  Vitamin C is another great mood booster, it also aides in iron absorption which can help battle fatigue.  Capsaicin is another, it’s the main ingredient found in chilies.  Because of the heat it produces, endorphins are triggered by the brain acting as the body’s natural painkiller.

Drink the Drowsiness Away

If drowsiness and feeling lethargic haunt you on a daily basis, try drinking it away.  Now, the type of drinking we are talking about here is with water.  When dehydration sets in, sufficient blood flow can be compromised to various parts of the body, causing the body to slow down and conserve energy, giving you a feeling of tiredness and lethargy.  For improved stamina, steer clear of caffeinated sodas as well, for they can lead to, and increase dehydration, causing you to feel bloated and without energy. Don’t let your taste buds get in the way of what your body is screaming for.

Proper diet and nutrition will lead to improved health and wellness, leaving you with an inviting demeanor, pleasant mood and a pleasing disposition.

Kotie Heim

My name is Dakota Heim, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That's how I found myself involved with the lemon aid diet which really helped expand my knowledge of improving health.

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