Healthy Habits For Office Workers

Overweight and obesity worldwide

Obesity. It’s been one of the recurring news stories of the last ten years – and shows no sign of going away any time soon. In fact, if anything, it looks as if obesity and overweight are continuing to be more of a problem as time goes on. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide obesity has ‘more than doubled’ since 1980. And not only that, obesity kills more than underweight in the nations where 65% of the world’s population reside. In other words, the majority of countries have a problem with levels of obesity.

The sedentary challenge

Along with healthy eating, to avoid obesity it’s essential to make sure that you get enough exercise. Exercise is a great way of burning off energy, and on top of that it also works very effectively as a mood booster. Even better, studies have in the past indicated that the healthier a lifestyle someone has, the more inclined they are to eat a healthy diet.

However, if you work in a job that involves sitting for the greater part of the working day, then it can be difficult to get the exercise needed to stay optimally fit and healthy. So, here are our tips for keeping weight in control and staying fit while working in a desk job…

office space

Split level desks

This type of desk design allows for people to stand and sit at various times during the day – meaning that you can stand up and stretch your legs every so often – and this type of desk is also believed to help aid circulation as well as concentration and overall mood.

Healthy lunch habits

When looking to control weight, it’s often very handy to keep a diary of everything that you eat during the day. This can help highlight areas where extra calories might be sneaking in. That 2pm mocha or latte could be more calorific than it appears to be. By keeping a food and drink diary you’ll be better placed to identify where changes can be made in order to consume fewer calories.

Slow and steady wins the race…

When it comes to losing weight, sadly there are no quick fixes. A commitment to healthy eating and weightloss doesn’t need to be massive life challenge, but it will involve changing habits – maybe even cutting certain things out altogether, such as sugary soft drinks. Losing excess weight steadily over a longer period of time can also help the weight stay off longer, since you get more into the rhythm of your new habits, there’s less chance of having a ‘relapse’ and falling back in to old ways.


There are actually quite a few good exercises you can do at the comfort of your own work station – and some good guides to these available on respected health and wellbeing sites such as WebMD. And of course there’s that other workplace exercise standby, which is to take the stairs instead of the lift. Although not so much use, obviously, if you work in a ground floor office!


About the author – Michael writes on workplace wellbeing and company health insurance topics for a number of UK blogs and websites.


Michael Wood

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  • January 30, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    “Yoga works at work” I say. At least take breaks to move/stretch and get up and walk around if able. I teach yoga at offices on site for employees (lunch time or after work) and also teach Chair yoga (at your desk) workshops, and have Chair Yoga for work to ease neck, shoulder and back strain from computers and sitting all day in my book: SunLight Chair Yoga. I see the benefits weekly as the students get better health, energy and feel more at peace after a yoga at work class.


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