Healthy Habits To Promote A Longer Life

The True Fountain of Youth

Hundreds of people have made it their objective in life to search out the fountain of youth, with hopes of living forever in a youthful state, enjoying all the happiness that immortality might have to offer.  But the real fountain of youth is right before our eyes. It’s not about living forever, but about taking the time we have been given and making it as satisfying as possible.  It seems that the answer is actually found in our daily activities as well as in the habits that we have formed.

A longer and more satisfying life begins with proper diet and nutrition, along with a balanced fitness program, therein leading to amazing wellness, satisfaction and longevity.

Dieting “Aged to Perfection”

Just like a meat, cheese or great wine that needs to be aged, proper dieting will also allow us to age to perfection.  Forming a habit of a balanced diet with an emphasis on healthy nutrition is a splendid way to live a longer and happier life.  Not only do you feel better when you are eating healthy, your body is also receiving all the proper nutrients it needs for optimal function.

While things such as empty calorie foods might make our taste buds momentarily happy, the long-term effects can lead to weight gain, malnutrition, bloating, low self-confidence and possible sickness.  All of which shouldn’t have a place in the quest for longevity.  Forming a habit of proper nutrition can and will lead to daily satisfaction as well as a happier longer life.

Activity Will Take  You There

Living an active lifestyle can go a long way.  Staying active on a daily basis plays such a key part in maintaining the dream of complete wellness and a long life.  A sedentary lifestyle should be left to the couch potatoes.  You reap what you sow.  Let them sow all the pounds, potential sicknesses and dissatisfied lifestyles while you sow weight loss, a healthy body, increased vigor and an amazing aptitude to continue on to the end.

This in and of its self can be priceless.  Get into the habit of staying active, start a fitness program, hire a trainer, go for a walk or run, bike, workout or exercise. Do something, anything, but don’t stay still and let life as well as your desire to change slowly drift away.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Another habit that is necessary in securing a long and satisfying life is mental and emotional strength.  The old saying, “don’t worry, be happy” is a great saying to follow.  If you are always worrying about things out of your control or mad about frivolous things, life will surely pass you by, leaving you a bitter and unsatisfied participant.   Stay mentally strong; exercise your brain on a regular basis.

Be emotionally sound by believing in yourself and having confidence that you will achieve what you set out to do.  Failing will sometimes play part of the quest, but those that have already conquered that ever so coveted long and satisfying life, have always gotten back up from a failing attempt and continued on.  This takes unsurpassed mental and emotional strength.

For continual happiness as well as an eventual long and satisfying life, habits must be formed and followed to drive us there.  Incorporate daily habits and activities that will lead to superior wellness, superb nutrition and splendid fitness, propelling you forward on this journey called life.

Kotie Heim

My name is Dakota Heim, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That's how I found myself involved with the lemon aid diet which really helped expand my knowledge of improving health.

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