Healthy Habits to Start and Unhealthy Habits to Quit

To live life to its fullest, we need to strive to maintain a good healthy balance of exercise and good nutrition. To do so, there are probably some really good healthy habits that we need to start and some very unhealthy habits that we should give up. Here are the two worst habits you should give up ASAP.


Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits that anyone can have. It is the cause of so many terrible diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases and obviously, premature death. 440,000 deaths yearly are due to smoking. The sad part about smoking is that it is also the number one preventable death. Today, 90 percent of people that have lung cancer got the illness from smoking.

People that smoke have a higher chance of having mouth cancer, throat cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer and many other forms of cancer. Smoking causes fats to accumulate in the arteries and this can develop into atherosclerosis. Coronary heart disease is also linked with smoking as well as heart attacks.


Sugar is very unhealthy and a bad habit to shake as well. We all know that sugar is high in calories, but it’s not very filling, so the more we eat of it, the more weight we gain. Sugar also has a compounding negative impact on our health, as it takes away from us eating better foods. People tend to turn to sweets instead of vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, sugar will lower the capabilites of your immune system for a few hours after eating a large amount. Sugar also promotes inflammation, believe it or not.

On the other hand, some of the healthy habits that we need to START are below!

Healthy Diet

Incorporating a healthy diet into your daily routine needs to become more than a habit, but a lifestyle. Many people aren’t aware of just how eating poorly can affect you in so many negative ways.

Eating all types of foods is best for you, but in a balanced manner. Everyone’s body needs to have minerals, healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. They all play a role in our health and for our bodies to be able to function normally. Eating a healthy diet is one way to prevent diseases and infections. You also can maintain a better control over weight if you eat a balanced diet.

Regular Exercise

Incorporating some type of daily exercise into your routine is a great habit to adopt. Regular exercise daily has been proven to improve the circulation of blood. By doing so, that lessens the risk of heart diseases and other illnesses. Because exercise helps to work the lungs, respiratory problems can be helped by maintaining a daily exercise routine. The blood circulation to the brain is also improved which can reduce the risks of strokes. Exercise will give you much more energy, making you feel more active and alive, with a better attitude and outlook on life.

With the good comes the bad, and in order to balance our lives equally, dropping the bad habits, but picking up some of the good habits, will help us to lead longer, healthier lives!

Dana Le Roy writes about health, finance & employment verification.

Dana Le Roy

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