Healthy Living on the Go with Iphone Apps

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is what you hear from people who give tips on being in good shape, but that is not all that needs to be done to be in a good shape: working out daily, keeping a tough routine and then committing to the routine.

Everyone has his own way, his own tips to be up and running but most of it roots to the same thing, having a healthy life especially while on the go. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is just not easy to accomplish this. Who does not want to be healthy?


To be healthy means to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. The first and the most important step to a healthy life is to accept yourself as you are, be positive about your life, don’t let anything bring you down. With the mental satisfaction that you are healthy and up and running, you can tackle any hurdle of life. So what if you are a bit over weight? Don’t think about the people and what they say about you. Just put on your track suit and your joggers and go run a mile or so.

Some of the helpful tips given by professionals and doctors to stay healthy are:

Watch What You Eat

Doctors and professional advisors usually advise people who seek a good physique to prepare their daily meal with the careful content of carbohydrates; don’t eat too many oily things which are extremely bad for your body. Fats deposits in your body and if they are not consumed properly, they make the body obese.

Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Eating the eggs and low-fat food for a diet is not enough until and unless it is incorporated with fruits and vegetables. Fruits are rich with fibers which help in the strengthening of bones and along with natural vitamins become the perfect combination for a healthy being. On the other hand, vegetables help in digestion of the meal. Taken in the form of a salad, they help the body digest the food more quickly, wasting no extra energy in the process.

Take a Walk

Sticking to the same diet routine does not help that much. A person should do new and adventurous things daily in order to stay active. And staying active is what makes a body happy. Go out for a dinner with friends and instead of taking the usual car or bus, take a long walk to the place. This will not only help in the daily exercise of your legs but will also make you hungry and you will enjoy the meal more.

Avoid High Calorie Foods

High calorie items like soft drinks and canned juices should be avoided. They are the real enemies of your body. As tempting as they are, they increase your sugar intake by manifolds.

Join a Gym

Join a gym, hire a professional trainer.

These are some of the most helpful and the most effective exercises that are recommended and are trained by the trainers at the gym. It is recommended that a person should take out at least 3 hours for himself every day. Just make a habit to exercise that will make you feel better and satisfied every single day.

iPhone Apps

In today’s day and age, some of us couldn’t imagine getting through the day without our smart phones.  If you’re going to use the technology, you might as well get the most out of it towards your fitness goals:

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