Hemorrhoids: Is There A Cure?

It’s very easy for hemorrhoids to develop. Pressure around a vein in the anal canal leads to swelling. Most commonly linked to straining during bowel movements, it’s often triggered by frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation. It’s also common during pregnancy and there’s a high incidence in both the overweight and senior segments of the overall population.

It’s estimated that about three-quarters of all people will develop hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. In the US alone, nearly a million new cases are reported every year. There are possibly just as many cases each year that aren’t reported at all. It’s a medical condition that many people are embarrassed to talk about. They try all sorts of home remedies to deal with the symptoms on their own.


There are no known cures for hemorrhoids. When a vein has been stretched, it’s not going back to it’s original tautness. However, the swelling can sometimes be greatly reduced. There are home treatments that can give temporary relief from the pain, burning and itching that are typically associated with them.

Soaking in a warm bath is recommended as a way to reduce swelling and itching. Topical creams containing hydrocortisone are generally effective for these symptoms, as well. There are ointments available containing lidocaine, a topical anesthetic, to help reduce the discomfort from the burning sensation and the pain from the pressure.

Regular toilet paper can be extremely irritating because it’s dry and harsh on sensitive tissue. Pre-moistened wipes can be used in lieu of paper but be sure they are alcohol-free. Pads that are moistened with witch hazel can greatly reduce the size as shrinking occurs through dehydration.

Bleeding is often the first and only sign of internal hemorrhoids. It can be quite alarming to discover that the water in the toilet bowl has turned bright red after a bowel movement. Sometimes, blood is evident on the outside of the stool. In some cases, blood in only seen on the toilet tissue.


There are four grades of severity with corresponding treatments.

  • For the smaller ones that are bleeding, concocted solutions are injected into the anus in an attempt to shrink them.
  • Ligation, utilizing a rubber band, is the next level of treatment for the larger or more stubborn ones.
  • Burning them away with infrared radiation treatments is the final approach to be considered before considering…
  • Surgical removal (Hemorrhoidectomy).

Although clinical treatments are sometimes effective and surgery does remove them, there’s an overwhelming tendency for them to recur over and over again. Prevention is possible and should be addressed in conjunction with treatment options. Dietary and lifestyle modifications can greatly reduce the odds that they will develop.

Drink at Least Two Litres Of Water Per Day

Adequate hydration and fiber intake result in gentler, smoother elimination. Exercise strengthens the veins. Stress is a known contributing factor. It can be reduced with meditation techniques and a more active routine. The same changes for those who already have them can go a long way in diminishing the symptoms when they do occur.

Don’t allow embarrassment to prevent you from seeking medical attention for hemorrhoids. Although it rarely happens, they can become infected and lead to life-threatening blood poisoning. There are no cures but there is help available. There are no rewards for suffering in silence.


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