Hemorrhoids Tops Google Search for Health Issues

According to a recent report by Google, the most popular health issue that people searched on last year was hemorrhoids. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration in its latest article of Consumer Updates is addressing this problem that is uncomfortable to at least 75 percent of people some time in their lives, according to the National Institutes of Health. Hemorrhoids occur in the lower anus or rectum and are actually veins that are inflamed.


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Many health care professionals have commented on the problem. At the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge the director of preventive medicine research, Tim Church, has said that it is a medical complaint that is very common while Elizabeth Ward who is a registered dietitian in Boston has said that hemorrhoids are caused by the lack of fiber in people’s diets. (Rectal Pain Info:  hivehealthmedia.com)

Fiber as well as water is naturally found in fruits and vegetables and women should eat about 25 grams of fiber a day while men should have about 38 grams of fiber a day. (Dietary Fiber Cheat Sheet:  jarretmorrow.com)

This was backed up by Heather Mangieri, a spokesperson for the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition and a sports nutritionist in Pittsburgh, who commented that many of her patients have gastrointestinal issues which includes hemorrhoids. She also said that fiber and fluids need to be increased in the diet if one is experiencing hemorrhoids and that both need to be increased together. Moving around a lot during the day can also be helpful in the prevention and care of hemorrhoids. Church concurred that frequent movement is helpful when dealing with hemorrhoids. (Self-Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids:  click here)

A dietitian based in Chicago, Dawn Jackson Blatner, also underscored the importance of the right choices in what one eats. She said that wholesome choices in foods and staying active can not only help with hemorrhoids but with headaches and various other types of ailments.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, those who are more prone to this ailment are women during pregnancy and after childbirth and adults between the ages of 45 and 65. The symptoms that are most common are itching and pain, particularly when one is sitting and red blood of a rather color in the toilet bowl or on the toilet tissue.

Many patients use over-the-counter creams or other medications but these only serve to relieve some of the symptoms and make people more comfortable but fail to actually remove the hemorrhoids. Other ways to help deal with the symptoms include soaking in a warm bath on a regular basis for 10 to 15 minutes but if these treatments seems not to help or the symptoms get worse then the FDA recommends seeing a health care professional.

[box type=”note”]The FDA recommends several steps that should be taken to avoid hemorrhoids that include eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are high in fiber; drinking plenty of fluids during the day; using stool softeners, if necessary; using fiber supplements and not sitting for long periods of time and exercising on a regular basis.[/box]

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