Go The Herbal Way To Lose Weight

Weight gain is a significant problem faced by both men and women today.  Looking slim and healthy is the wish of every one on this planet.  How do you achieve this dream?  In addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet, some herbs may also help you shed unwanted pounds.   Many herbs are effective at helping promote weight loss, but always consult your doctor prior to trying an herbal weight loss product.  Though ‘natural,’ many herbal ingredients can interact with medication and also have significant side effects.  This article will provide you with guidance regarding  achieving weight loss with the help of powerful herbs and supplements.


The best weight loss herb provides a good alternative of minerals. It reduces fatty acids, total cholesterol and low density lipids. These substances are not allowed to get absorbed into the blood stream as this herb performs the function of laxative. It is found effective for diuretic usage, but prolonged usage should be avoided.

Licorice root

In the start of your weight loss program, this herb is of great help. It satisfies the craving to eat sweets. Extensive use for longer times of this herb causes many side effects that vary from muscular pain to tiredness and potassium deficiency.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is perfect herb to lose weight without any apparent side effects. It stimulates the rate of metabolism therefore, lowers the chances of bulk gain. It lowers the hunger and keeps your eating habit in control.

St. John’s Wort

For mood swings that cause a person to eat more, St. John’s Wort offers great help. It treats the symptoms of depression, tension and anxiety. It is recommended to seek expert doctor’s advice before adopting this treatment method. This will lower the chances of any possible side effects. People eat more with bad mood and this treatment will help them in improving upon their moods and regulating the eating habits. It will control weight while lowering the chances of weight gain.


A fiber rich herb keeps the cholesterol in controlled limits particularly the low density lipid cholesterol. This herb also doesn’t have any visible side effects. Your stomach will feel satisfied though energy factor is quite low. The chemical reactions associated with digestion of insulin are also low along with less time taken by nutrients to become active part of the body. The result would be a slow process of gaining weight instead a decline in weight. Obese and healthy people will find this a healthy and supportive diet.

For comprehensive weight loss program, you will have to follow some effective dietary changes. Your diet should be low in fat and also cholesterol. It doesn’t mean you will observe some big changes in just one night, but with time the above mentioned herbs may help you get better results.   Be patient and be consistent with your weight loss regime to achieve  your desired results.  Don’t go for self medication; always consult your doctor before going for any single herbal option. It’s true that side effects are often limited with herbal products, but it’s better to stay on the safe side and get expert advice.

Editor’s note: A recent review article published in the journal, Obesity, provides an objective assessment of several popular weight loss supplements.  To read this review, follow the link:  Journal Of Obesity.

[box type=”note”]Always make sure to reduce your caloric intake and get regular exercise to achieve your weight loss goals![/box]

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