HIIT Improves Cycling Performance and V02 Max

Norwegian researchers have found that  when elite level cyclists…

  1. Reduced their overall training volume by 18%,
  2. Reduced their cycling training volume by 60%, and
  3. Increased their training intensity using HIIT sprints

…their VO2max increased by 10.3% and their cycling time trial performance improved by 14.9%.

Image: Bill Hall

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, the cyclists’ HIIT sprint sessions weren’t even performed on a bike.

Which is great news for all my fellow Canadian cyclists. Winter is coming and cycling gets a little tough with a foot of snow on the ground.

Maybe it’s time for a HIIT workout???


Douglas Robb

Doug Robb is a personal trainer, a fitness blogger and author, a competitive athlete, and a student of nutrition and exercise science. He's also the co-founder of the Hive Health Media. Since 2008, Doug has expanded his impact by bringing his real-world experience online via the health & fitness blog – Health Habits.

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