Have A Personal Trainer? Are You Kidding?

My personal training journey started one Sunday afternoon when I decided to clear out the cupboard under the stairs. I sat down with a box of old photos I had not sifted through for years and was shocked at how much weight I had amassed over a relatively short space of time. There were pictures of me when I was twenty looking, well, erm, pretty amazing and I never realised. I don’t think I knew just how different I looked squeezing into a size 18 swimming costume for the last set of holiday snaps.

I leant against the wall and stared hard knowing something had to be done but all my attempts at personal fitness had lasted a maximum of three months and I seemed to slip back into old habits. Having sorted all the pictures I decided to pin one up on the fridge, then called a friend and went down the pub to drown my sorrows.

We discussed the problem and she told me about an internet search she had carried out herself which had thrown up My Home Trainer. She showed me on her mobile. ‘It looks great’ she said, ‘Look, you can even have someone come to the house until you can fit into smaller gym clothes!’

I had to admit to being sceptical about personal training, ‘Yes, but personal trainers are for celebrities, not ordinary women like me.’ ‘Apparently not’ she went on, ‘It’s eminently affordable and I guess when it’s to do with health and wellbeing aren’t you prepared to spend money to look after yourself?’ I thought about it and agreed, after all, at this rate it would be a new set of posh work shirts which would cost me a packet anyway.

Having munched our way through a whole bag of pretzels we made a pact. ‘Ok’ I said, ‘You book a personal trainer and I will do the same and we can see how we get on.’ And the rest, as they say, is history.

I remember, it was the beginning of April 2012 when I nervously opened the front door to my very own personal training guru. Nikki was brilliant and immediately put me at ease as I was feeling so self-conscious. Straight away she seemed to ‘get me’ and knew exactly the process I had undergone to get to this starting point. She was so optimistic and motivational. It’s easy to feel stupid thinking about working out in your own home but at the end of it as I stood in the shower I could not have been happier. It kind of felt right and I knew there was no way of getting out of my bi weekly sessions and right from the off I felt it would be easy to keep going on this exercise regime.

Nikki seemed so knowledgeable and oozed enthusiasm; she suggested as I wasn’t wholly unfit I might want to do a little jog every day mixed with some quick walking. I have never seen myself as a runner but boy, have things changed and I use any excuse these days to break into a run; it’s like having emerged from a chrysalis!

I have never been an exercise evangelist although always enjoyed sport at school but I feel as if I have been given another opportunity to use my body correctly rather than simply accepting the fact I was looking rather plump (but lovely it must be said) and huffing and puffing up the stairs at work. What I have learned is that I don’t have to simply accept this situation and personal trainers MHT areexactly what I needed and something everyone will benefit from; my friend is a convert too!

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Alapati Amarendra

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