Home Remedies to Heal Sore, Dry Feet

Do you suffer from dry, sore and cracked heels? You’re not alone.

Plenty of Americans have this same problem, and it’s caused by a combination of dry skin and pressure on the heel.

The problem is similar to placing pressure on a ripe tomato. Over a period of time, that pressure will cause the skin of the tomato to split, and there’s really no simple way to prevent the cause of split heels, other than adequate moisturizing after a bath or shower. There are, however, a few methods for treating the dry skin of your feet with products you may already have at home.

home remedies dry cracked heels

How to heal cracked heels with shaving cream and mouth wash


  • Mouth wash
  • Small towel
  • Shaving cream
  • Sink or bucket
  • Hand cream

Fill the sink or bucket with warm water, and pour an equal amount of mouth wash into it. Soak the small towel in the solution for a few minutes. Next, spread some shaving cream over your feet and onto the heels, and wrap the soaked towel around your feet. Leave the towel on for half an hour, and then rub the calloused skin right off. Be sure to coat your feet with a good amount of hand cream to replace the moisture.

Replace moisture with olive oil

Another method for healing sore feet is as simple as an olive oil wrap. Rub a little olive oil on your feet and heels, and then wrap them in plastic wrap for about half an hour. Pat them dry with a towel, and repeat once or twice a week.

According to Genevieve Van Wyden with Livestrong.com, olive oil contains certain vitamins that repair the effects of the environment on your skin, and a small bottle of extra virgin is all you need. You can also add your favorite essential oil for a great, natural scent.

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