At Home Sperm Test Will Soon Be Available

Those women who are trying to get pregnant are commonly into do-it-yourself tests using products like pregnancy tests and ovulation predictors. Today, there is a new way for couples to know whether they are capable of having a child with the latest do-it-yourself tool that will help women determine if their male partner or spouse is capable of helping them conceive.

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SpermCheck® Fertility Tool

The SpermCheck® Fertility is the newest tool that soon is available in stores for couples wanting to know if they can bear a child by just doing the 10-minutes test at home. This tool will tell if a man’s sperm count is normal or not.

At present, the product is available online at a retail price of $40. Available at Walgreens and CVS, the SpermCheck® Fertility is expected to hit store shelves in April.

According to the manufacturer, this product will be of big help since majority of men are reluctant or are not willing enough to see their doctors to check their fertility or sperm count. However, men are warned by some experts in male infertility not to feel so secure of the result of this tool because there can be no substitute for a complete medical exam or evaluation.

According to the director of NYU Langone Medical Center male reproductive health and benign diseases of the prostate department in New York City Dr. Joseph Alukal, what the tool is telling is if the man has enough sperm count in the sample available. The tool may tell the count in the sample but it cannot tell if those sperms are moving well enough or how their shape or appearance looks like, as these are important factors too in getting pregnant.

[box type=”note”]It has been known that estimates of 15 percent of couples are infertile. Those couples that fail to conceive after at least a year of a well-timed lovemaking or intercourse. Twenty percent of these infertile couples are known to have been caused by male factor according to the American Urologic Association.[/box]

How to Use the SpermCheck® Fertility Tool?

Doing a test using the SpermCheck Fertility is dead easy for the boys. All they have to do is to mix their semen in a solution and drop a mixture to the tool’s strip. Id the strip will show a reddish line that can be seen in the tool’s result window, this means that the man’s sperm count is normal or at least 20 million per millilitre. On the other hand, if there will be no line to appear in the result window, the man’s sperm count is considered low or is below 20 million per millilitre.

[box type=”important”]Despite the believable result, Dr. Alukal still added that it is better that someone will undergo full medical infertility checkup, as this is also good in every man’s overall health.[/box]

If women are determined to see their ob-gyns at least once a year to get pregnant, men on the other hand do the opposite. They do not have a primary doctor and they probably are not seeing one at least once a year. Doctors are into an uphill battle when it comes trying to get a man go to the doctor.

Other than male infertility, an overall medical examination will not only bring infertility result but also results on other medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, thyroid disorder and low testosterone level.

[box type=”important”]Now if you guys are dying to get pregnant and have been into various to get pregnant tips, trying this newest tool available can be of big help. However, please note though that seeing a doctor to undergo an overall male infertility test is much better.[/box]

Where can you get SpermCheck®?

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