How Bio Oil Changed the Way My Skin Progressed During Pregnancy

I am a mother of a one year old girl. The last one year had been the busiest in my life, and the one prior to that was even busier. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in your life. You not only become a mother, but you go through a lot of physical and mental changes in the process. These changes are brought about by the hormonal chaos that is wrought during these 9 months, and this goes on even after that.

I am too happy to have a lovely girl sleeping within my arms every night, but let me tell you all this wasn’t easy. I felt this period highly uncomfortable, and had to deal with a lot of things like tackling morning sickness, massaging my tummy with oil so that stretch marks aren’t formed, and many other things.


Though I loved to have a baby, I am also very beauty-conscious. I love to don a skimpy dress every now and then, and beachwear is my favorite attire.  So, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that pregnancy will cause serious changes in the state of my skin like causing stretch marks. This made me take a serious approach in maintaining myself throughout the period of pregnancy so that my health and my skin stays in good shape and doesn’t have a tinge of stretch marks when the period is over.

With the help of my friends who had gone through pregnancy and from doctors, I carved myself a skin care regimen that helped me keep my skin at its best even throughout pregnancy.

Stretch Mark Prevention Remedies:

  1. Drink lots of water throughout pregnancy so that your skin remains supple and elastic. But, prevent drinking in the evening in order to avoid discomfort due to frequent nighttime urination.
  2. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and also get your regular dose of vitamins. These contain antioxidants which are good for keeping skin cells strong and supple.
  3. Though weight gain is normal during pregnancy, make sure you gain only a few pounds every month. Sudden weight gain is not encouraged as it causes the formation of stretch marks. You must go for moderate forms of exercise like a walk of 30-45 minutes daily so that you don’t put on too much weight.
  4. Pregnancy causes sagging skin which is more prominent in the belly and breast regions. Make sure you massage them regularly with effective oils like almond oil, coconut oil, etc. But, the best oil to use is Bio Oil. It is a wonderful oil to be used during pregnancy not only in the abdominal region but throughout the body. I had bought a Bio Oil 200ml bottle from my chemist. I used it almost every day during my pregnancy period. And really, it is like a miracle! Though I have gained around 20 pounds after pregnancy, my skin looks young and beautiful. I don’t see any signs of stretch marks on my body. My skin tone is almost the same. Except for the weight part, I look stunning. My husband is impressed with my skin even more than what he was during our dating period.

This lovely Bio Oil 200ml bottle really has some magic potion that makes your youth stay the same even after pregnancy. And this is not an exaggeration. It is worth giving a try. Now, I am on a weight loss program. After I reach my normal weight, I am going to try my new pink beachwear with grace. And yes, I will need my Bio Oil once again throughout this period of weight loss.

Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens is an skincare expert and advises people to take good care of your skin.

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