How Can We Lead a Stress-Free Life?

About fifty years ago, my father was leading an unhappy life in Albuquerque. He used to sell anything he could lay his hands on, from flowers and stickers to furniture and cars. He didn’t have anybody to lean on and lost his parents early in life.

I am proud of him because he came up in life the hard way. He had a dream for a rosy future with a pretty wife and kids. He worked towards that goal. Finally, at the age of 35, he married my mother and we three brats followed in quick succession. Soon, the cramped house seemed even smaller.

My father then dreamt of a cozy house and worked his heart out to achieve it. Each milestone in his life was met with joy and a sense of achievement. He, however, faced a lot of worries in his life as well. These worries kept hounding him till his death some years back.

This brings me to the main focus of this article – is it possible to lead a stress-free life? It is difficult to answer this question because we live in a world filled with worries and it is difficult to escape them – we are humans after all.


There are a lot of worries affecting men and women around the world. Take the economy for example. Financial uncertainties are the norm today with people getting laid off more than before. Crimes carry on unabated as well. The newspaper or the Internet is chock-a-bloc with worrisome and sensational news that will definitely add a frown to your face.

Here are four simple steps to help you lead a stress-free life:

  1. Keep yourself active: Ensure that your body and mind is active at all times. Exercise, have fun with friends, follow a sport or take up yoga. By keeping yourself pre-occupied, you banish all chances of ending up stressed.
  2. Keep your schedule simple: Let me make this clear – a hectic schedule is often single-handedly responsible for making your life go haywire. Analyze your daily schedules. Are you taking in more than you could bargain for? Devote some quality time from your day for family and leisure.
  3. Keep your finances in order!: Plan your expenses wisely. Have loads of money? Spend them on investments for a cozy future. Buy essentials and the fancy things your friends and family love to receive. But make sure you don’t overspend!
  4. Keep an alarm clock by your side!: Be an early riser to tackle your daily tasks with ease. If you get up late, you will be in a weaker frame of mind to face the world.

Do you find yourself often in stressful situations? If yes, then you are not alone. During my earlier years in the promotional industry, I learnt a bitter truth – a majority of the promotional products sought by business owners were stress relievers! There are millions living in stressful situations around the world. But how you deal with stress will set you apart from the rest.

About the Author:

Susan Smith is a writer from Henderson, Nevada with an active interest in fitness and finance. She currently works as an online marketing specialist for Promo Direct, a company that deals with promotional giveaways.


Susan Smith is the Online Marketing & Sales Manager at Promo Direct (, a firm offering quality promotional products to a diverse range of businesses across America. A fitness enthusiast, Susan loves interacting with business owners and enjoys providing quality marketing solution to fulfill their branding requirements.

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