How Color Can Affect Your Mood

When you’re working out on your exercise bike, how would you like to feel?

  • Do you want to feel groggy and tired?
  • Or, do you want to feel energetic, excited and motivated?

You probably already know that diet, sleep patterns and stress levels play a role in how healthy you feel, but what if something as simple as the color of your walls could also have a powerful effect?


Re-Energize with Red

Studies show that red is a color of power and energy. In ancient Egypt, the color red was associated with health, victory and life. By seeing the color, it can make muscles move faster and with more force.  Red might be a great choice for your work out area! Try infusing the color into your decor with a red carpet, or artwork with red prints on your walls. If your as bold as the color, try painting a wall red!

The Power of Yellow

When you see yellow, you might think of a brightly-painted sports car, a banana or a tropical bird. You might imagine other bright colors or experience a number of feelings. The color yellow, when manipulated by your intent, can also be harnessed to bring you power during your workouts. Yellow is said to be a stimulant to the nervous system. It raises the metabolic rate, decreases depression and even soothes the digestive system. Yellow walls work particularly well when the room has a large window or skylights to let in the sun. If you want to create even more of a bright feel, include artwork that features relaxing sky blues and soft, fluffy whites.

Why You Should Believe in Blue

Bedrooms and bathrooms are excellent in blue. Whether it be aqua blue, sky blue or even a deep indigo blue, the shade has a calming and healing affect on your body. Studies have shown that human beings respond positively to blue, and it has been ranked as the favorite color in a number of surveys. Many people tend to associate blue with the ocean, making it a great choice if you are interested in an aquatic decorating theme.

Good Things About Green

According to surveys, the next most popular favorite color after blue is green. Perhaps this is because we are used to seeing it all around us in the natural world. When you view the color green, your mind may associate it with grass, forests, mountains and plants, all things that are naturally calming and soothing to your system. Like blue, green is said to help you relax, both physically and emotionally. For this reason, it would also make a good color choice for the bedroom. If you want to experience the benefits of the color green but don’t want to paint your walls, you can place some potted plants near the bedroom windows to achieve the same effect. Hanging a painting that depicts plenty of lush green scenery also works.

Become Passionate about Purple

Purple is a beautiful color that has been associated with wealth and royalty over the centuries. This likely came from the fact that for a long time, purple dyes, inks and fabrics were very expensive, making it only possible for the privileged to afford them. It has been said that purple can lower your heart rate and reduce stress, making purple bedding or artwork a great color for anyone who suffers from insomnia. Because of the regal nature of the color, it goes well with fancy silks, satins and other luxurious fabrics.

Many people think of themselves as completely independent from their living environment, but they are wrong. Human beings are sensitive creatures that respond to things on a very deep level. By taking control of what colors you surround yourself with on a daily basis, you can do great things for your life.

About the Author

Nadine Swayne cultivated her love of color while working in the NYC Fashion District, and offers this article for those dipping into the color wheel for home decor! Whether you are trying to slowly work color into your home and life with natural hues or going bold with big red prints as the main part of your decor, you can never go wrong with color.  You can energize or relax your mood at home with a simple color change!

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Nadine Swayne, a former television journalist, is a freelance writer with a B.A. in Communications. Being raised in the metropolitan areas of NYC/NJ helped to cultivate her interest in the arts, health, media and social communities. The array of experiences and friends help her contribute articles from many points of interests.

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