How to Create Your Own Personal Boot Camp

Have you ever passed by a local park and saw an overly muscular man yelling at a bunch of out of shape people to run faster, jump higher and climb faster across the monkey bars? This is a new type of workout routine called a Boot Camp. The basis of this workout is to mirror what our armed forces go through when they enter the service.

When a new soldier goes to boot camp he is constantly yelled at and pushed both mentally and physically. This is done in an effort to break down the individual and build him back up as a soldier.

A workout boot camp tries to push you physically by mentally motivating you and it works. The problem for most of us is that we like to enjoy our workout. We also don’t want to pay too many pretty pennies to have a clearly more in-shape person yell at you in an effort to get in better shape. The average boot camp workout costs around $100 per month! That’s a lot of pennies.

There is another way to get the same benefits of working incredibly hard, stay motivated and the best part is it’s free!

Look at Your Current Routine

What does you current workout routine look like? Do you run on the same treadmill, at the same rate and incline every day? The body needs a change of pace to stay energized and work different muscle groups. Also, by doing the same type of workout daily you probably become less and less motivated to push yourself.

Think about it, you probably worked really hard to be able to reach the pace, length and incline you currently run at. Now what? Most of us just continue at that pace and lost motivation. A boot camp type of workout is a great way to break things up and stay motivated.

Cost of Your Current Workout

The average American pays $35 per month for their gym membership. That comes to $420 annually. That’s a lot of money to run on a treadmill! If you join a boot camp at an average of $200 per month it would cost you an incredible $1,200 annually! Let’s discuss how you can get the same benefits of a boot camp type workout without paying that big guy to yell at you.

Map Out the Route and Routine

First, you will want to scope out an area that has a few different parks and obstacles to overcome. For example, maybe you have a family friendly are near you with parks that include obstacles that kids normally use. These can be great to create an obstacle course to run through on your route. Another great place to find obstacles to include in your route is a high school football field.

Use the bleachers as a stair climbing exercise. If you live near natural obstacles such as water or mountains, you can incorporate them into the end of your route as the last big accomplishment. Create your route, accomplish the route and recreate the route to switch up the routine.

Find and Keep Your Motivation

By continually changing your route, you will never become complacent in the route you have created. The only routine you have is working towards you goal of completing the route you created and creating another one to accomplish. Find what motivates you. Clear your mind and focus on that that one thing to get you through the tough times during your workout. For some people, it’s a frustration they have at work or home.

For others, motivation comes from music or the outdoors. Find your and stay focused on it. Motivation that comes from within is far more powerful than motivation forced upon you by someone else.

This is a great way to pinch pennies during these economic times and get in shape. Create your boot camp workout using your surroundings and save money in the process. Share your favorite routine using your surroundings!


Matt is a health fanatic that made his passion for natural health and finance into a career of helping people in the Sunshine State navigate He enjoys some of the best wine around and spreading his healthy living knowledge through the written word.

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