How Ergonomics Can Offer You Relief From Appalling Sciatica Pain

Our body is the best gift that God has given to us and we need to be in good health to lead a proper life. Ergonomics in simple terms refers to the study of how your body makes the required movements at the workplace. Any kind of profession requires different body movements and ergonomics educates the professionals and the employers how they can play safe and keep injuries at bay in the working environment.

If you are wondering how this is related to sciatica, then, of course, it is related as you need to keep a track of how you move your body at the work place. If you are plagued by low back pain, leg pain, it can make work really strenuous for you. If you abide by the simple ergonomics rules, then you can concentrate more on work, making your workplace a congenial and happy place with your commendable productivity!

Don’t sit at One Place for Long Hours

You might be too hooked to your work or don’t have the time to take a break. However, you will have to find time and get up without sitting at your desk for long. Short breaks of 15 to 20 minutes where you can take a walk nearby your office area, keeps the muscles moving and your body active!

Choose your Chair Carefully

If you have sat yourself in a wrong chair where you cannot sit comfortably, change it now! A chair capped with a low back support with a towel as a support can help you avoid back pain. You should not sit by crossing your legs and do not keep your toes high, but rest your feet completely flat on the ground. Hips and knees should maintain symmetry at 45 degree angle. If the chair has wheels, you can do wheelies by moving the chair, instead of letting your body to go through the turns and twists.

Watch out How you Stand Up

While getting up from the chair, if you bend at the waist then you are causing the sciatic nerve more trouble. You can just move at the front of your seat and stand up straight on your feet, with no bends in between!

Let Your Body Relax and feel Comfortable

It is necessary to keep your hands, elbows and shoulders in relaxed postures on the desk. You should always avoid forward bending as it aggravates your sciatic problem.

Computer Savvies: Take a Look

How to keep your workstation fab and comfortable for you to enjoy work?

•    Place the monitor in tune with your eye level so that you can work peacefully and avoid neck strains
•    The keyboard and mouse should be kept at closer proximity
•    Choosing a revolving chair offering flexibility helps offering sustained back support.
•    Keep in mind that leaning forward is a strict non-no

Do Not Stand for too long

If your job demands that you will have to stand for long then make sure you have a stool or a support to keep one foot. Within an interval of 15 minutes or so, switch over to the other leg.

Physical Exertion of Muscles

When you need to put in your effort, don’t try to be a hero by pulling or pushing heavy blocks of office stationeries or furniture. It is always advisable to share the amount of weight that you carry on your both hands, equally.

Pick up the Right Mattress

After a hard day’s work, the mattress you choose, matters. Do not opt for very soft or cozy mattress where your spine is not getting the required support. If you want to have a tight sleep and do not feel the fatigue, then choose your mattress correctly.

If applying ice or hot compressor or over-the-counter medicines do not work to offer you relief from sciatica, its time you seek for proper medical assistance and see an expert doctor who is armed with experience in this field!


A sciatica sufferer and have been lucky enough to be able to control this disabling condition and get my life back. Am sharing what I learn about sciatica and how to treat this condition naturally on my website.

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