How Golf Can Contribute Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

While there are numerous ways in which you can keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, each of these methods place a variable degree of strain on the body. While cardiovascular exercises such as running and circuit training may burn calories quickly and effectively, for example, they are not necessarily suitable for everyone who wishes to change their lifestyle.

For those new to the demands of physical fitness, there are more gentle forms of exercise that provide a diverse workout and help to lay the foundations for a more active life. Playing golf provides a relevant example, as while it is not renowned as a strenuous sport it does help participants to exercise different muscle groups in an outdoor setting.

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The Benefits of Golf as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Flexible Levels of Exercise: Golf is a sport that offers flexible levels of exercise, which means that you can benefit regardless of your existing physical capacity. While you can walk the entire course and traverse each hole by foot, those with slight physical impairments can also use a motorized cart to move around. There is also the option to play either a 9 or 18 round hole, which allows you to control your level of activity and create the ideal workout. As a form of exercise, there are few activities that appeal to such a wide demographic and offer such flexible choices.

Striking the Balance Between Physical and Mental Well Being:  One of the key benefits of golf is the fact it boasts a favourable mental health component. The majority of golf courses boast luxuriant and lavish settings, while prolonged exposure to fresh air also stimulates positive mental performance. It is well known that there is a close relationship between physical and mental health, and golf has quickly become established as an activity that helps participants to benefit on multifarious levels.

The Capacity to Work Various Muscle Groups: Golf is a sport that challenges different muscle groups, predominantly in the legs and upper body. Not only can participants walk considerable distances during the course of an 18 hole round, but a typical golf swing also demands a great deal of balance and upper body strength. If you commit to playing regularly and over a concerted period of time, then you have the opportunity to build muscle while also burning excess fat and calories.

The Bottom Line for Golfers

There are many misconceptions about golf, with its reported standing as an exclusive and costly past time one of the most prominent. Just as the efforts of affordable equipment suppliers such as Lost Golf Balls have challenged this perception, however, so too an increasing level of fitness among professional golfers has helped to established the sport as viable form of exercise. Regardless of your age, social standing or existing level of physical fitness, golf has the capacity to improve your general fitness while also providing a stimulating and competitive challenge.

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