How to Avoid Suffering from Blogging Fatigue and Writer’s Block

It is a common sight that a rookie blogger who diligently blogs everyday may one day experience the blogger’s block. No matter how desperate the blogger wants to publish a blog, he or she simply cannot put himself or herself into blogging or writing. Blog fatigue gets the better of some bloggers.

So how do you beat it? There are many ways to vanquish the block or the fatigue. But first, you must identify the symptoms.

Some Causes of Blog Fatigue

1. Exhaustion—many bloggers juggle between family duties and blogging or blogging and career. Either way, bloggers need to find time where they can squeeze blogging before they start or end their day. If such is your case, it is likely that your energy will drain over time. Then you will feel burnt out.

[box type=”note”]Solution:  To remedy tiredness, put priority on your sleep and write when your mind is fresh. Diet also plays a role. So eat right and help up your energy levels. One way to do the latter is to engage in physical exercises. Then of course, if your energy is high, you will find time to blog.[/box]

2. Mental Struggles

One cause of having to struggle with writing is unpreparedness on what to write. This means that you may have run out of ideas on what to blog about. But the truth is, your mind is as vast as the universe and the ideas on it are limitless. But how do you unleash such creativity?

[box type=”note”]Solution:  One way to do it is to keep a journal, where you have a list on ideas about your niche like diet or so. Just keep a notebook beside you or an electronic notebook in your cell phone, and enter the ideas when you have them.[/box]

3. When Your Personal Life Gets In The Way

This circumstance happens when someone in your family needs immediate attention. For example, your little girl is sick. Or it could be your better half. Sometimes, you find yourself in a different situation where you have no choice but to deal with it, such as a tree was felled in the middle of the road and cars cannot pass through. Or your laptop suddenly crashed and you have to wait for its repair. These situations cannot be avoided and they interfere with blogging time. In fact, they take out the time intended for blogging.

[box type=”note”]Solution:  The best technique to beat it is to have backup posts which you have already pre-written and hidden. The backup posts do not necessarily need to be a finished product, but they can be pre-formatted, that your only remaining task is to polish before publishing it.[/box]

4. General Blogger Fatigue

One symptom that I rely on before I consider a time off is when I sit by my desk for 15 minutes trying to write something from idea bank, but could not.

[box type=”note”]Solution:   Go out of the office and take a day off and do something motivating like listening to music, reading a good book, or bonding with your family. One of my best days off is to go on a trip on the train. I find it relaxing and reenergizing. Usually on my way back home, while I am still on the train, I have a huge brainstorm that can provide ideas for many blog posts![/box]

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Latasri is a fitness and diet enthusiast who often blogs about exercise, fitness, eating right, diet and weight loss. In her website she makes available fitness diet coupons that can help in maintaining a slim and trim figure.

One thought on “How to Avoid Suffering from Blogging Fatigue and Writer’s Block

  • August 1, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for the post! I found the last tip to be the most effective for me! I used to always try and combat writer’s block by cooping myself up in my office at Dish and pushing myself to keep writing. After trying your suggestion, I now find it way more effective to take a break and let my mind breathe! Most of the time, I don’t have a lot of time to wander too far, so I opt to take a mental vacation by distracting myself with a good movie or show. If I’m not the house, I will use the Dish Remote Access app, which joins my iPad to my home TV through the sling adapter, to pull up an episode of something engaging. By the time the show is finished, my mind feels refreshed and ready to tackle my work. I just thought you should know how helpful this was for me!


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