How to Eat Anything You Want and Be Fit for Life Part 5

“The Junk Food Diet.” EET has been called as such and has garnered attention because of it, whether good or bad. But does EET really allow foods that are generally labeled by society to be “junk” on a daily basis, and even up to two times a day? Yes, it most certainly does, but let’s not get carried away and immediately demonize the plan because of that. EET has a bit more to say on this matter than just “eat junk food every day then exercise to keep it off”.

The Metabolic Window

EET allows junk food during what is called a “metabolic window”, which is basically a timeframe created by exercise that makes the body better utilize protein, carbohydrates, and fat instead of storing it all. But does EET recommend eating only junk food during this time? No, not at all. It recommends a certain mix of protein, vegetables, fiber, and water at every meal. The only difference is that, during metabolic windows, you can eat foods with complex carbohydrates, such as spaghetti or ice cream.

No Gorging

But, while EET does allow junk food every day, it does not recommend pigging out, gorging, or whatever you want to call it, especially if you’re just starting out on the plan. How does one control the amount of food eaten then, especially during treat meals? Well, you forecast it, as already previously mentioned. The EET plan doesn’t count calories, but it does recommend that each participant eat until they’re satisfied after every meal. The participant has to forecast beforehand how much of whatever food item he or she plans to eat at the treat meal, and eat only that much.

[box type=”note”]For example, if you plan to eat cake during the treat meal, then get only as big a slice as you think you’ll need to be full (along with the other components of the meal), then put the rest back in the refrigerator. This way, you won’t have a whole cake staring at you after your meal and promote unnecessary eating habits.[/box]

Another trick that will help is what EET calls a “closer”. After every treat meal, you do something that will signal yourself that it is absolutely the end of the meal and that no food is allowed until the next time scheduled. For me, it’s clearing the table, then brushing my teeth.

The metabolic window timing can also be used for times when you have to eat out. Parties, dinners with friends at fancy restaurants, and vacations are all common times to be eating treat meals. To get around this, you can simply create a metabolic window before the expected meal so you can still be perfectly on the plan. If you can’t create a metabolic window, like, say, if the dinner is right after work and you don’t have time to exercise, then just eat a little less. If you just can’t help yourself, then that’s fine. As mentioned previously, you don’t have to completely retool your life for the plan. Just try better next time.

EET’S Deal

EET also has another trick to help participants control cravings outside of treat meals. It’s called “EET’s Deal” and is basically the participant reminding him or herself that whatever food is being craved at the time can’t be eaten right now, but is totally allowed during the next treat meal.

Some diet plans only allow treats once a week, so when participants crave foods during certain days and realize that the next time they’re allowed to eat the foods they want is 5-6 days away, they immediately fold and give in. With EET, the most time one is forced to wait to eat a treat is 24 hours, and that should be easily doable for anyone.

EET’S “4 S’S”

This also means that EET never allows you to Suffer, Struggle, Sacrifice, or Starve (the “4 S’s”). You’ll never be hungry with a properly forecasted schedule, and you’ll always prevent cravings with EET’s Deal. It’s a pretty solid psychological strategy that has worked for me beautifully so far.

Non-Treat Meals

What if you’re eating outside of a metabolic window? Again, EET recommends a meal balanced with protein, vegetables, fiber, and water, but without as many complex carbohydrates present in the treat meals. It should also be as small as possible, so for example, for me, it’s half a can of tuna and a plate of green beans, but for someone else, it could be different. There’s literally no set meals for EET. You can contact the consultant any time and communicate which foods are available to you and which of those you’ll want to eat, and he will give recommendations.

Green Tea

EET’s also a huge proponent of green tea, and recommends all the participants to drink it as much as possible. You might have noticed that from my sample forecast in part 4. This is partly because it has so many proven health benefits, and partly because it supposedly helps keep a person’s metabolism active during certain times of day to help with the fat burning and whatnot.


Finally, EET recommends each participant drink water all day, every day. A good amount to shoot for is 8-12 ounces every hour from wake up to bedtime. I personally was already drinking a lot of water before I even heard of EET, since I was already familiar with the benefits. That said, I increased my water consumption even more when I started the plan. I carry around a 1 gallon jug of water almost everywhere I go so that I can take a quick gulp of the stuff whenever I want.

Because of that, I could also easily measure how much water I drank a day based on how many times I refilled the jug. I would previously drink around 1.5 gallons a day, but after starting EET, my consumption’s risen to almost 2.5. This wasn’t necessarily because of my EET consultations, either, as I don’t think I’ve even mentioned the jug of water to Jon before this. I just naturally craved water more during the day, and just satisfied my urges every time.

[box type=”note”]Surprisingly, I don’t think my increased water consumption has increased my trips to the bathroom. I’m sure it has, but I honestly don’t notice it, which is very interesting.[/box]

Up Next

Next, I’ll be talking about the workouts necessary to create the mystical metabolic window. They must be really complicated and time-consuming to allow junk food up to two times a day, right? Would you believe that the workouts can be done by anyone and take less than half an hour to complete? Yup, all true.

Find out why next time as I reveal the final major component of EET: Exercise!

Eating and Exercise Timing Series Recap:

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3 thoughts on “How to Eat Anything You Want and Be Fit for Life Part 5

  • November 17, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Great to hear that you are going so well with the EET plan.

    I think the flexibility within the EET plan is one of its biggest advantages because you can literally tailor-make an eating plan that will suit anyone.

    However, I also feel that such a degree of flexibility can also be a problem for beginners. We’re used to being told “eat this, don’t eat that” so that it can be a challenge to realize you can eat anything so long as you go about it according to the EET guidelines.

    I’m still working on getting my “ideal” day eating worked out but am enjoying the plan.

    Loving the interval training and will be interested to read your take on that. Am about to go and do mine now to open that metabolic window for my slice of cheesecake!

    • November 21, 2010 at 4:49 am

      Thanks very much, Dawn! That’s a very good point you have with the flexibility being a double-edged sword. I know for sure that I had a bit of trouble with that in the first few weeks, but I’ve pretty much worked it all out with Jon.

      I personally also think that I’ve finally gotten to my ideal eating forecasts. Time will tell, but I think I’m there.

  • November 17, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I’m a 13 month veteran of EET and have lost 30 lbs and kept it off through my newly developed EET habits (food and exercise). Waist line dropped from 36 to 32, cholesterol dropped 40 points, HDLs went up, etc…If I gain weight due to vacation or party weekend, I lose it within 3-4 days. Jon has set up a wonderful system and is a great consultant/friend!


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