How to Get Kids Involved in Health Activism

The new emerging field of public health affects every single citizen, from infants to teens, adults to those in their golden years of life. As an adult, you may still be able to think back to a time when habits that are known health hazards today were still trusted parts of daily life. Thankfully, today’s children have access to much more information so they can avoid some of the health pitfalls their parents encountered. As well, ongoing health research shows that when healthy habits are learned during childhood, they are more apt to persist over the course of a person’s life. Here learn more about youth-focused health activism efforts that encourage kids make healthy choices now that will pay off in the future.


Types of Health Activism Activities Kids May Enjoy

The field of public health is a broad and growing field. College students who are working toward a public health policy specialization online degree may choose to specialize in health education for children or teens, or they may want to get involved in revising health care policies to improve preventative care in the early years. Primary and secondary school students may enjoy getting involved in activism through launching letter-writing campaigns to politicians, joining in fundraising efforts to save endangered species, working to eradicate youth human rights violations or helping other children who are less fortunate. The key to getting kids involved in health activism is to find a cause or organization that touches their hearts. This starts by presenting several options and seeing which ones resonate the most.

Great Online Health Activism Resources for Kids

Today’s smart health activism organizations maintain a vibrant online presence in addition to their on-the-ground work. One primary reason for this is that many younger activists need access to online resources for researching classroom projects and planning school activism events. Another reason is that there is plenty that kids can do to help others even if they don’t have their own transportation, an allowance or much free time. Here are some of the best online health activism resources for kids.

  • The Free Child Project. This project highlights the efforts of several complementary public health-related nonprofits to raise awareness of youth-focused public health activism efforts nationwide. Kids can learn about many different types of causes and choose the one(s) that they want to get involved in.
  • DoSomething is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on encouraging youth and teens to take leadership roles for social change. The organization’s online resources focus on sharing information about different causes aimed at 13- to 25-year-olds. Many of the causes highlight ways to make a difference even if the young person has no money, no car and no parental or adult support.
  • What Kids Can Do. This website features the stories of amazing young health activists — individuals and groups — from around the nation. Through interviews, personal stories, education resources and more, What Kids Can Do serves as a clearinghouse website to link concerned people (especially young people) to causes where they can make a difference.
  • Global Kids. Global Kids is a health policy-focused organization that targets urban youth with a message that they matter and they can succeed. The ultimate goal is to mentor young leaders who can then take part in the ongoing dialogue to shape health education and policy decisions for future generations. The organization takes its programs right into the schools to meet kids where they are.

Youth Listen to Other Youth

The Youth Information Network (YIN) reports that youth are more likely to listen to their young peers who are fighting for and embracing positive healthy change. For this reason, YPress, YIN’s student-led and -run online newsletter, profiles various causes and showcases how young people are taking charge and fighting for change.

The internet makes it easy for young people today to connect with other youth and organizations who are making a difference in the world. Many of today’s health issues, such as obesity, smoking, drug or alcohol use, sexual activity, stress, mental health, pregnancy and other concerns weigh heavily on young people’s minds. Taking positive actions make young people — and all people — feel better about themselves and about the world. In the end, everyone wins.

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