How to Get Younger as You Age

Did you know that your body has the inherent ability to battle aging even as you actually grow older? Defying age while aging sounds contradictory, but it’s true; this unlikely fact has now become possible, thanks to stem cell therapy.

The body, despite being constantly ravaged by disease, oxidants, and free radicals, actually has a treasure trove of self-restorative elements… all that is left to be done is to harvest these treasures and put them to good use.Owing to the advances in stem cell research, cells that are capable of replenishing and revitalizing bodily functions can actually be harvested from the body and then introduced into problem areas.


The way it works is impressively simple: after adult stem cells are harvested from the body, these cells are then cultured to produce customizable anti-aging agents that can not only fight the signs of aging from inside the body, but can also be tweaked to bring out other aesthetic effects.Stem cell treatment is currently used to rejuvenate skin cells, which in turn speeds up the healing of wounds and the repair of damaged skin.

The procedure is also used in cosmetic surgery. Through regenerative medicine, stem cells may be harnessed to grow organs and tissues for transplant. This presents a novel way of breast augmentation, facelifts, and many others. Also lining up in this impressive list, is the capability of stem cells to stimulate other cells to promote hair growth, reduce facial lines and regenerate soft and smooth skin.

What makes treatments using stem cells even more remarkable is the fact that they facilitate all these positive effects from inside the body. This becomes possible because the process uses autologous cells – cells that come from a person’s own body. In a nutshell, the renewal of the body is as natural as possible.

For starters, everyone knows that transformations which spring from within are longer lasting and safer than those brought about by artificial or cosmetic means. There is hardly any danger of rejected organs transplants cultivated from stem cells. Stem cells used to refresh bodily functions are also more effective because they are more easily absorbed by the body when compared to foreign substances.

It’s truly amazing to note how far medicine has gone when it comes to battling diseases and other unwanted biological phenomena such as degeneration and aging. But, finding out that the means to fight-off these things are actually available within the body is what’s even more mind-blowing.

About the Author:

Thom E. Lobe  is a world-renowned physician, surgeon, author and researcher at Regeneveda, the Beverly Hills Institute of Cellular Therapy.

Thom Lobe

Thom E. Lobe is a world renowned physician, surgeon, author and researcher at Regeneveda. Experience his state-of-the-art Beverly Hills anti-aging treatments and find out why more and more people are coming to us and saying “Rejuvenate Me!”

2 thoughts on “How to Get Younger as You Age

  • March 20, 2013 at 2:10 am

    Yes, stem cell research and its benefits are a marvelous scientific breakthrough! However, compared to other breakthroughs, it appears that the benefits of stem cell technology have been trumped by its convenience, versatility, and general utility as a result of the much-vexed histocompatibility phenomenon. Just like in tissue and organ transplant, you may not produce stem cells from Mr A and expect to use them on Mr B without Mr B experiencing the traumas of cell and tissue rejection! So for now, it appears that ONLY Mr A will benefit from stem cell manipulations made to his own original cells. That becomes purely a system of tailor-made medicine which has a very narrow application. So should Mr A require a new pancreas tissue then he will have to await a manipulation of his cells that will be engineered to produce new pancreas tissues! And the result of such manipulation would not be applicable to Mr B who may require also a new pancreas tissue!

    But, on the whole, science must have to start from somewhere; and this is what is happening now. Probably, in future and not too distant future, the problem of histocompatibility would be solved to make the product of this technology universally applicable once a particular group of cells from a donor has been engineered to make a particular tissue product.

  • March 19, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    That is really amazing. Stem cells are really everywhere now. You can even get skin care with plant stem cells that help the skin look younger.


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