How to Keep Your Running Routine Interesting

There’s plenty of incentive to get out and go for a run. Running helps you lose weight, improves your endurance and physical fitness and can even have mental health benefits such as reducing stress and increasing happiness. But all those benefits aren’t enough to discourage some runners who realize after a while that running can sometimes be a boring venture.

Whether you’re running indoors or outside, the repetition of the exercise can conspire with an idle mind to induce boredom. Don’t let that happen to you. Be proactive in combating boredom and seize upon various ways to keep running interesting and exciting.

fit woman in bikini running on the beach

Change up your course

When you’re running outside, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the same, monotonous running courses. Take the opportunity to explore new routes—running is, after all, supposed to be a liberating experience. By changing up the scenery, your brain won’t be able to go into autopilot mode. You’ll have different terrain, obstacles and views to take in, and this will help keep your mind engaged.

If indoors, listen to music or watch TV

Listening to music is dangerous when you’re running outdoors, since it prevents you from being alert to car horns and other stimuli intended to get your attention and keep you safe. If you’re running indoors or on a treadmill, though, you don’t have to worry about these obstacles. So take advantage of the scenario by indulging in music or watching television, keeping your thoughts busy and your brain entertained while your body does all the hard work. You might even try more unorthodox practices, such as reading a book or a magazine—or even an e-reader—as you run. Just make sure you continue to follow the proper safety precautions for the equipment you’re using.

Reward yourself with new gadgets

It might sound shallow, but most runners respond very well to new equipment. If you employ excellent timing when allowing these indulgences, you can use new equipment and gadgetry as motivational boosts that keep you running through hard times. For example, a new pair of running shoes can offer great incentive to get out and run, and the comfort and extra bounce in your step could make the run itself more enjoyable.

Similarly, a wide range of gadgets can reinvent running for you. This can range from smaller items, like a new watch or sunglasses, or your purchases could veer into the high-tech, including such items as GPS tracking devices and even apps hosted on your smartphone. In some cases, these items won’t just make running more interesting—they might even contribute to your efficiency and success as a runner.

Many runners turn to their preferred form of exercise as a way to escape the noise and distractions of daily life. But it’s not uncommon to find your thoughts wandering as you count down the minutes of your repetitive runs. However you choose to address this problem, just make sure you aren’t exposing yourself to unnecessary risks by introducing new distractions that take your attention away from important safety considerations—especially when running outdoors.


Cassandra Lynne is an exercise nut, travel enthusiast and animal adorer. She is a true believer in the mind-body connection, meditation, yoga and making exercise fun! She competes in yearly bike-a-thons and charity mini-marathons. Her favorite exercise is taking long hikes with her pup, Joy.

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