How to Lose Weight and Stick To a Healthy Diet

Millions of us struggle with losing weight and maintaining it. Let’s face it; unhealthy food is readily available and just tastes too good.

However healthy foods are also very tasty and can be very filling too. It is important to change your eating habits and the way you view food. Always think positively about healthy foods even if you know that you do not like the taste of certain foods.

Try new foods and perhaps foods that you do not eat as your taste buds do change. By doing this you will discover lots of tasty new foods that you had not considered before.

The Dukan Diet Plan Results

Soon you will begin to realize that eating healthily isn’t such a chore as you once believed it to be. Often people see better results following a healthy diet plan as it helps people to make healthier choices and stay on track.

The Dukan weight loss plan allows you to monitor how effective the diet is as your individual programme states how much weight you should lose at each of the dukan diet phases. It also gives you a date when you should have reached your target weight which is a great motivator for many people as it gives you a timeline to work towards.

This plan is designed to change your eating habits and help you make healthier choices for the rest of your life to help you maintain your weight loss.

It is important to exercise between 3-5 times a week to help you lose excess weight and prevent you from putting weight on once you have reached your target weight.

Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts to see greater benefits. Varying the type of exercise you perform throughout the week is also good to ensure you are working all of the muscles in your body.

[box type=”note”]Exercise can greatly improve your mood and it is also important to help reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.[/box]

Just remember that you must seek medical advice if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition or are pregnant before engaging in any form of exercise and diet plan.

Dr Rajesh

Rajesh Moganti is Medical Doctor. He is the editor of i Health Blogger

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    Surely you cannot promote a diet with photoshopped pictures taken from a magazine or woman who without question haven’t even heard of the Dukan diet?


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