How To Organize A Fit Start To Your Day!

Organisation is the Key

Ever wondered how people manage to go for a run, get the kids ready for school and drop them off and still manage to be on time for work?
When you hear of friends or colleagues doing a run and seeing to household chores all before getting to work, you often wonder how this is possible and how they manage to do it.

Well, If you want to find out then this article is just for you!

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Now for the Tips and Tricks!

We all know how hard it is to juggle a busy life. You’ve got the kids to get up and ready and drop off for school and yourself to the office all before 9am. So how do some people do all of that and have a healthy packed lunch in their bag and fit in a morning run before they get to their desk?

Being a personal trainer, I work with clients like this all the time and most have gone on to achieve incredible results.
It’s pretty simple and tough going but here is how they do it. The alarm goes off at 5.15am, they get their running kit on and are out of the door at 5.30am. They return at 6.15am, they make everyone’s lunches from leftover dinner the night before which they had planned for, they shower change and then get the kids up at 7am and eat breakfast sitting down as a family. The rest of the morning will be familiar to you.

That evening they will cook dinner, and again they will cook surplus, as the routine repeats itself in the morning with the leftovers being used for lunches. In the event that there isn’t enough or the food won’t work cold they prepare or have staples in the fridge or freezer which can be substituted, for example baked potatoes or other left over portioned out meals.

They love a Tupperware pot almost as much as they love feeling in control of their life! Nothing phases these people, they don’t fret if they go out for dinner in a restaurant as they know it won’t upset their routine….they have prepared! They shop throughout the week getting a big weekly shop and often topping up with more fresh products locally throughout the week.

They don’t grab a snack because they are starving and haven’t eaten for too long, they don’t gorge, they don’t emotional eat. Everything is in balance and it allows them to focus on what is really important and that is enjoying food and life.

The result is that these people seemingly have it all, a lean strong physique, a healthy attitude to food and drink and time for a career and family. So how do you get from where you are now to your version of this?

The answer is not to expect changes to happen overnight. You will need to introduce elements to your life one at a time. If you’re currently getting up at 7am and running 1xweek then getting up nearly 2 hours earlier and running every day is going to feel absolutely hellish. So don’t do it like that. Try getting up at 6.30am for a week instead; maybe do some exercises in your home, perhaps a DVD or some stretches. Get familiar with meal preparation and what ingredients you need to have in the house for which meals, and of course….buy Tupperware!

The following week, try getting up at 6am instead and aim to get out running for short runs on a couple of those mornings. Get your body used to the feeling of running first thing in the morning. Try and work out whether you will need to eat a little bit before you fly out of the door in order to keep you fuelled or if you can just go. Most people find having a banana or some sort of healthy snack before a run really helps their performance.

The next week’s plan is to start as you mean to go on. Set the alarm for 5.15am and have your running route mapped out. Know what’s in the fridge from the dinner the night before and have your work clothes laid out, make sure the hot water will be on for a shower when you come in and that there won’t be any surprises.

On a final note, most people find it more effective to work with personal fitness trainers like Brightonfit owing to the fact that they get so much more motivation and everything can be tailored to their fitness level.

Hit the road and start feeling energised and healthier.

Good luck!

Peter Sarkis

Peter Sarkis is a freelance writer and regularly writes about health and fitness related topics. He helps Brightonfit with content and optimisation efforts.

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