How to Prevent and Cure Earaches

If you’ve ever had an earache…know someone who has one right now… or just plain want to know how you can avoid getting an earache, then this blog post is for you!

I’ve tried to collect an interesting collection of both earache prevention tips and home treatments for treating an earache. The entire purpose of life is to enjoy it, and as much as possible, do so with the perfect health! Besides, let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy pretty much anything when you are sick in bed, cranky, and in pain because of an earache.

Let’s start with the “cure” part, just in case you are reading this so that you can know how to be rid of an earache. Then later I’ll talk about the “prevention” parts.


Cures for Earaches:

When it comes to an earache there are several very affective things that can be done to relieve pain. In general, an earache, if caught early enough, can be treated by these simple home remedies. But if allowed to go on for longer it will become an infection and will require antibiotics and medication to fix. Also, these home remedies are for the purpose of curing any pain surrounding an earache not entirely for cleansing the infection altogether. If the pain does not die down and after some time you have not noticed a marked improvement, then it would be best to visit the doctor just case it is a more serious infection than you had thought.

  • One easy way to relieve an earache is to apply a small amount of heat to your ear. You can do this by using a warm wash-cloth and then, after wringing it out, let it rest on the outer ear. Doing this will calm and soothe your ear.
  • Propping up your head while you sleep can also really help to relieve the pain.
  • Try over the counter Ear Drops or aspirin, but only if the individual with an earache is above 18. Ear Drops like Exterol are pretty effective if the earache is the result of waxy buildup.
  • If you have an earache that is the result of water getting clogged in the ear, then you can try gently shaking your head to dislodge water that has been trapped in your ears. Or you can try lying down with your ear flat down against a towel for a couple minutes till the water runs out on its own.
  • Apply 1 or 2 drops of rubbing alcohol into your ear. With a little time and patience, the water, from a water blocked earache, will either evaporate or come out on its own.
  • There are times when an earache is the result of an altitude change. In such cases you can simply chew gum or just pretend to swallow. Both these actions help to release pressure in your ears, especially while on a flight.

How to Prevent an Earache:

A little bit of prevention, is better than a lot of cure—at least it’s cheaper, right? If you want to be at the peak of health and save on your doc’s bills then get serious about protecting your body. It’s not always avoidable, and sometimes we really need to go, but if you are taking care of your body already, then the repercussions of other infections will bounce off you.

  • When you have cold and you feel like your nose must is running, go easy on blowing your nose. A lot of the time blowing your nose harshly can cause your ears to have too much pressure and pain.
  • Let go of over smoking. People who take up smoking tend to have more ear infections than those who do not.
  • Don’t put sharp objects in your ear. People tend to drive cotton-tipped swabs deep into their ear while they are cleaning and this can greatly damage the eardrum, causing pain and in some cases infection or even partial deafness.
  • Wear ear plugs when you go swimming to block out the water and any possible germs in the water.

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