How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Aging is a natural process that starts from the moment of conception. Wrinkles, saggy skin, dark circles under the eyes or even bags under the eyes, and even droopy cheeks are some of the most common signs of aging that don’t appear on until the ages of 40 through 50. It is in our nature as humans to try to slow the aging process by modifying our appearance to seem younger to other viewers despite our true age. This is a matter of personal hygiene and confidence—we make ourselves feel good internally by enhancing our appearance externally. There are many anti-aging treatments that provide individuals with the opportunity to make themselves look and feel young.


The most common ways that people turn to so as to slow down the aging process is by committing themselves to lifestyle changes such as exercising, taking supplementary herbs and vitamins, and even focusing on skin care. The majority of the population even focuses on purchasing the latest skin lotion or anti-wrinkle cream and serum. Despite all the promises that skin products make about reducing wrinkles and claiming that they are the best anti-aging treatment on the market, the truth of the matter is that anti-aging therapy begins with you.

Some of the most common causes of aging are pollution, stress, unhealthy diets and too much sun exposure. The first and most primary thing for someone to reverse the signs of aging both inside and outside of the body is to learn relaxation techniques. Stress strains the muscles and vessels in the body and puts your system in a kind of ‘overdrive’ mode where large amounts of adrenaline are pumped throughout your body. In order for your body to react to that immense level of stress, it absorbs nutrients from other organs to provide the rest of your system with the energy it needs to respond to your anxiety, thus “aging” your organs. The organ that reacts the most to your level of stress is your skin.

The second thing you need to focus on as part of your anti-aging therapy is to spend less time in the sun. Getting a tan is considered to be ideal in this day and age, but the amount of hours that people spent in the sun dries up their skin and kills healthy skin cells. It also drains the skin of moisture which is absolutely necessary to prevent deep wrinkles, cracks on the skin and age spots.

Another thing to consider for anti aging treatments is physical exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise helps break down muscles and the consummation of protein rebuilds them stronger. The creation of new muscles stretches the skin and tightens its appearance to seem more youthful. Cutting back on red meats and chicken during your anti- aging treatment, and focusing on vegetables, fruits, grains and fish instead, will also help provide you with more energy to work out and flush out the toxins in your system that your skin absorbs from meats’ nutrients.

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Thom E. Lobe  is a world renowned physician, surgeon, author and researcher at Regeneveda, the West Coast’s premier destination for Anti Aging Treatments.

Thom Lobe

Thom E. Lobe is a world renowned physician, surgeon, author and researcher at Regeneveda. Experience his state-of-the-art Beverly Hills anti-aging treatments and find out why more and more people are coming to us and saying “Rejuvenate Me!”

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