How to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Office

Office environments may not be conducive to fitness, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. By following these seven tips you can start making the small changes that can really make a difference.

 1) Make Your Own Food

It’s all too easy to head to the nearest McDonald’s or pop to the vending machine, but sugary snacks won’t fill you up for long and they’ll only leave you feeling drained afterwards. So instead of giving into temptation, try to bring in your own food. Pasta is quick and easy to prepare the night before and it’s a good idea to have a ready supply of dried fruit and nuts to snack on. Your brain will get a boost and your waistline will thank you too.

2) Desk Exercises

Just because you’re sat down all day doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise while you’re working. Exercising in the office can include anything from tapping your foot along to music, to neck stretches, to walking lunges. Some may look more ridiculous than others, so use your judgement and perhaps restrict some of the more outlandish ones to times when you’re hidden behind solid office partitioning.

3) Get Sporty

Many people find it easier to stick with an exercise routine when they do it with a friend and lots of workplaces have gyms that you can sign up to. So befriend a gym buddy and get all sweaty after a long day sat still in your office chair. Your office may even have a casual sports team you can join and you’ll probably have so much fun you won’t even realize what a workout you’re getting.

4) Go Outside at Lunchtime

Everyone’s entitled to a lunch break, so use it properly and actually take a break! Rather than sitting at your desk and catching up with the latest in the world of social media, venture outside into the real world you’ve glimpsed through the glass wall panels in your office. Go for a brisk walk before eating your lunch and you’re sure to feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon ahead.

5) Take the Stairs

Unless your office is on the thirtieth floor and you have an urgent appointment in 5 minutes, there’s really no excuse for using the lift. By using what Mother Nature gave you instead, not only will you help yourself stay fit and healthy, but you’ll also help the planet too. If you find that you’re soon out of breath, then just start by taking things more slowly. Over time you’ll find yourself bounding to the top in no time at all!

6) Sit on an Exercise Ball

If you find that you suffer from back pain (and you have a relaxed working environment,) then try swapping your desk chair for an exercise ball. The ball will exercise your core as you’re sitting, so you can reap the rewards with absolutely no effort!

7) Exercise on Your Commute

Many people are reluctant to ditch their warm cars for a cycling helmet and high visibility shirt, but exercising on your commute has to the easiest way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If you live too far to cycle all of the way, then consider cycling to the nearest train station and using public transport for the rest of the way. You’re sure to save money on petrol and if you tend to hit a lot of traffic on your commute, you may even find that you save time too!


So whether you work in a tiny cubicle or have an entire office to yourself, there are no excuses for not getting enough exercise.

Gavin Harvey

Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer with a passion for travel. When he's not busy touring the world, he can be found in the gym or at home with his partner and two cats. You can keep up with his latest adventures by following him on twitter.

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