How To Use Your Smartphone To Get Healthy

Getting in shape and staying healthy can be a struggle, especially as people lead such busy lives nowadays. If you’ve been feeling sluggish and out of shape and need a bit of motivation to kick-start an active lifestyle, your smartphone could lend a helping hand. Here are some top tips of how mobile phones can be used to help get you fit and feeling your best again…

Social Network Support System

It’s best to set up a support network of people to aid you on your quest for health before undertaking a diet and fitness overhaul. Social networks are an ideal tool for soliciting assistance and motivation from friends, family and fellow people on a heath kick. Don’t be shy about announcing your new healthy regime on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, after all, the more people who are aware of the wellbeing journey you’re embarking on, the more support you can gain.

Joining diet and fitness groups on Facebook means you can meet people who are in a similar situation and can relate to the struggles you may face. Before you reach for that cream cake or decide to skip a training session, get your smartphone out and share how you’re feeling on social networks. Before you know it, you’ll have motivational messages of support flooding in, spurring you on to resist temptation.


Check Your Health

Now you’ve set up your support system, it’s wise to check you are physically fit to start a new diet and/or exercise regime. There are a host of apps you can download on your smartphone to get quick answers to general health questions.

For example, NHS Direct (iOS/Android) is a free app that can help assess any symptoms you may have. It also and offers care advice or instructions on the most appropriate course of action to take to remedy health complaints. But remember; if you have any serious health concerns you should definitely see your GP before making any lifestyle changes.

Diet Direction

The next step is getting your diet in order, because as the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. One of the best smartphone apps for tracking your daily food intake is MyFitnessPal (iOS/Android/Windows Phone/BlackBerry OS), a free application that has a database of over 2,000,000 foods. Simply download the app, input your weight and daily target calorie intake, and begin creating a food diary.

The app shows your weight loss progress on a chart too, so as the pounds fall off, the line on the chart will get lower. ‘Unconscious eating’ is a habit that can be easily fallen into, whereby you graze without thinking about how many calories you are consuming, but MyFitnessPal can be used keep a record of both the good days and bad days to help you stay on track.

Exercise Assistance

So, you’re all ready and raring to start getting fit, and whether you’re planning on doing a high intensity workout or gentler training, there’s an app to help. For those wanting to shift the pounds, RunKeeper (iOS/Android) is like a handy personal trainer in your pocket. You can track running, walking, hiking, biking and more using RunKeeper. The app employs your smartphone’s GPS in order to do this and it will also offer stats such as pace, distance travelled, time, and calories burned. You can listen to motivational coaching audio clips via headphones too.

Track Your Progress

With all these tools at your disposal you’ll be a lean, mean, fitness machine in no time. To track your progress, use your smartphone’s camera to take a picture of yourself in the same clothes and pose each week. If you are ever feeling disheartened, you can use the early pictures of yourself before you started your new regime as motivation. Keeping a photographic record of how your body has changed can also inspire you to stay on track and achieve your goals.

As we have discussed, smartphones can be extremely useful when trying to get healthy, providing support, information, and the ability to follow progress. Best of all though, the apps mentioned are completely free, proving you don’t have to fork out on an expensive personal trainer, dietician or gym membership to get fit. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading, and begin your journey to a healthier happier you.

Sarah Hazelwood

Sarah Hazelwood is a writer for UK mobile phone retailer Dialaphone. As well as a passion for technology and all things mobile, she loves keeping active by running and swimming.

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