How Winter Sun Can Benefit Your Health

For many of us, darker nights and cold weather can be hard to adjust to at this time of year. If you struggle to get out of bed each morning, or crave a little sunlight from your day, you’re not alone.

It’s no wonder that winter is the most popular time to book a holiday – just the thought of a warmer climate is enough to bring a smile to most of us!

But aside from offering some relief from the harsh weather, taking a break to catch some winter sun can actually offer numerous health benefits.


Mood Enhancer

Anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) will know how important it is to get as much sun as possible during the winter months, but everyone can benefit from booking a holiday at this time of year. Aside from the change of pace and break from work, exposure to the sun kick-starts the production of endorphins in the brain, which helps to elevate your mood.

Mental Break

Taking a holiday is as much about slowing down mentally as it is physically, and this time of year can be incredibly draining. From organising festive family get-togethers to worrying about the cost of buying Christmas presents, this season can be fraught with stress.

Taking a holiday at this time of year, even if it’s only a long weekend, can help to recharge your batteries. To get a dose of winter sun without breaking the bank, look for cheap all inclusive holidays out of season, or check out voucher sites to find the best deals.

Internal Organs

Controlled sun exposure is also great for our internal organs. Kidneys are given a helping hand as sweat allows toxins to escape the body, while the cardiovascular system is boosted by healthy levels of sun exposure. Moderate sun exposure can also offer temporary relief from arthritis and scientists have argued that maintaining a slight tan all year round can help boost our immune systems.

Sound Sleep

One of the most frustrating symptoms of SAD can be a lack of sleep, insomnia or sleep interruption. It’s essential to get as much sun as possible (in a safe, controlled way), as this stimulates the production of melatonin, which helps us get to sleep at night. If you’ve experienced sleeping problems then a holiday in a warm country could provide the answer.

Gavin Harvey

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