Can Hypnotherapy or Self-hypnosis Cure Insomnia?

People suffering from insomnia have a difficult time when sleeping. According to the Great British Sleep survey in which more than 5300 people participated, almost 37% of UK citizens suffer from some form of insomnia. And almost 24% citizens had other sleep related problems along with insomnia including sleep apnea, excessive sleeping or teeth-grinding during sleep. This gives you the extent of this problem in general public. Deprivation of a good sleeping pattern can put you into a state of depression, stress and a dull mood.

It’s not just the sleep that is affected but the whole lifestyle is disturbed. People suffering from insomnia are thought to be 4 times more likely to having problems with their relationships. Furthermore they fail to concentrate in their work, which may lead to poor performance in the work. And it becomes harder for the person to get things done. Besides disturbing daily routine, insomnia in the longer run can also become a reason for health related issues and can be a cause of obesity, diabetes and even heart disease.

Hypnotherapy is an ideal tool to cure this problem. In hypnotherapy the patient goes into a relaxed state and is treated by a therapist who suggests and programs the subconscious mind of the patient. Hypnosis can be self-induced or can be done by a professional therapist. The British Medical Association has recognized the use of hypnosis to cure this problem.

It generally takes up to three hypnotherapy sessions to help you sleep well. Furthermore the cure is permanent. And even if the problem arises in future then it is only because of some other change and can again be treated by hypnotherapy. Also hypnotherapy is free from any side effects and is perfectly natural.

Many people believe that hypnosis is another name for sleep. But it is totally false as a person is just under a state of deep relaxation and nothing else. His subconscious mind responds to the therapist. If a person is asleep then it would be impossible for the hypnotherapist to communicate with the subconscious state of the patient.

Hypnotherapy orients the mind in such a manner that it enables you to sleep well. Even if you are under a state of depression, hypnosis can still help you sleep. The therapist puts you in a totally relaxed state by asking you to relax your muscles and taking deep breaths. Then he finds out the causes behind your inability to sleep. Diagnosis of these factors is the most important thing as this will help the therapist to re-program your mind according to your specific needs. This programming is called neuro-linguistic programming. With this programming all the factors that cause the depression and stress are removed.

Hypnosis is therefore one of the more efficient and easiest ways of getting rid of your insomnia. It is absolutely safe to use and a perfectly natural procedure. Moreover you do not have to bear side effects as in the case of medication.


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3 thoughts on “Can Hypnotherapy or Self-hypnosis Cure Insomnia?

  • February 17, 2011 at 2:56 am

    It is not just the sleep that is affected but the whole lifestyle is disturbed.People suffering from insomnia are thought to be 4 times more likely to having problems with their relationships.


  • February 16, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    I think it really comes down to the individual. A hypnotist would really have to tune in to the individual and their specific insomnia because every insomnia is different in a way.

    But if you are doing self-hypnosis on yourself for insomnia, you’ve got to be really honest with yourself and “keep it real” about your problems. And stop watching TV right before bed.

  • February 8, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    One of my clients had a BIG problem with insomnia. He tried everything – drugs, subliminal messages, acupuncture, establishing a regular sleep routine, natural supplements…even warm milk with brandy

    Even though he thought it was complete bunk, he tried hypnotherapy and was 90% cured after a month of treatments.

    He goes back for refreshers every now and then


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