Impress the Opposite Sex – Secret Revealed

I have spent countless hours researching my workout routine, purchasing the correct supplements, getting training tips from others in the gym, and I found some seriously valuable information right here at Hive Health Media. So I only found it fitting that I start giving back to this wonderful community.

In my time spent here researching these various things, my main objective was to become more comfortable talking to girls. I am not really the type to walk-up to a female at a bar and ask if she wants a drink or how she is doing. But I at least wanted to look good from across the room. So here is my secret to help you look good and of course is not obvious.


Skin care

Everyone knows a nice smile, attractive body, eyes, can all do wonders. We get it. On the other hand, everyone somehow forgets about skin management. For most people, that should spark an “Ahh ha!” moment, as they realize it is something important and yet they have neglected it for far too long.

There are even a surprising number of studies showing that beautiful and clean skin dramatically increases sex appeal to the opposite sex. I’ve stated the secret, given the facts, now go out and enjoy.

[box]If you have a product that has worked very well for you, tell the community about your skin type and the product![/box]


Written by James Piper on behalf of Nurture My Body, an organic skin care company that was recently named champion of the campaign for safe cosmetics.

James Piper

James is passionate about learning everything that comes his way. In his free time he is a Seinfeld enthusiasts, fantasy hockey champion, and his motto is "late night studying and early morning coffee equals life."

One thought on “Impress the Opposite Sex – Secret Revealed

  • December 26, 2011 at 3:49 am

    Best physic -Gym, Best mental stability -Yoga, and little bit of skin care… That is all… These things are gonna make huge difference..


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