Improve Your Mind: 5 Healthy Habits You Should Be Doing Daily

We do not think about our brains enough. We think about things like eating foods that are gentle on our digestive tract or exercising to keep our hearts healthy, but our brains often get neglected. Your brain is an organ like any other, so you need to treat it right by maintaining healthy habits that improve your mind and brain function. Here are 5 daily habits you can start today to improve your mind.


Recognize Pleasure

Do you ever notice that you receive a burst of pleasure and satisfaction when you are looking at something, tasting something or smelling something? Think about the things that give you pleasure and engage in something that makes you happy every day. Perhaps you love playing guitar, walking outdoors with your friends, or even talking with your friends or family members on the phone. Keep you and your brain happy by doing something you love every day. It will improve your mood and your day.

Write and Make Lists

Writing in a journal is a great way to preserve memories and learn more about yourself. A journal provides a way to understand more about yourself and thoughts patterns. It also allows you to find solutions to the problems life throws at you on a daily basis. Rustic leather products like leather journals are a great way to record your feelings and thoughts.

There is also nothing more frustrating than knowing that you have forgotten about something that you wanted to remember to do. If you want to make sure that your brain remembers the things that you need it to, give it a little hint by making a list in your journal. Sometimes just making the list is enough to help you remember.


Just like your heart benefits from exercise, your brain can as well. Exercise releases endorphins, which are essentially chemicals that make you feel happy and at peace. Endorphins are good for your brain, and they can keep you calm and feeling good. Exercise can improve your physical body and your mind. A recent study by the university of Illinois showed that there is a link between exercise and improved brain function. So help your mind out by taking a walk or going for a hike. Who knew that exercise could make you smarter?


Your body needs to dream, and your brain needs to rest. When you sleep, you allow your body to repair the damage that it incurs during the day. When you sleep, essentially your body heals itself. Have you ever noticed how awake and alert you feel after a good night’s sleep? If you go too long without good sleep, your ability to function will start to decrease. To make sure that you are treating your brain right, stick to a schedule for waking up and going to bed. Creating a pattern helps you get the best sleep possible. Make sure that you are comfortable in bed, and consider a white noise filter if noise bothers you.

Talk to People

People are meant to be social creatures, so get out and talk to people. Online interaction works to some extent, but our brains crave face to face communication. Make sure that you make time to talk with your friends or loved ones every day if you can. It will invigorate your mind with ideas and increased happiness as you develop and strengthen relationships.

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