Children’s Nutrition Will be a Key Trend for Restaurants in 2012

Parents and interest groups are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of children’s health in the United States. Their concerns are justified as childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, while other health problems are becoming more prevalent as well. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed a number of concerns and has offered advice on reversing this trend. Fortunately, restaurants have also taken a concern and may be working on solving these problems over the coming year.

Many factors have influenced the spike in childhood obesity in recent years. One of the biggest factors appears to be the preference towards eating out and consuming fast foods. Obviously, children are not the best at judging what is good for them, but parents aren’t left with many options for them at many restaurants either.

Chef Survey by the National Restaurant Association:

The National Restaurant Association recently created a survey of chefs throughout the country to determine what changes they will be making over the coming year. Almost 1,800 members of the American Culinary Federation participated. These chefs have listed a couple of major changes they will be making towards addressing the cuisines they will be offering towards children. These changes including placing more emphasis on offering healthier foods and using more locally sourced foods.

Restaurant chefs throughout the country are also focusing on a few other core issues, such as making foods more sustainable. However, the issue of nutrition remains a paramount concern for adults all over the country.

One of the biggest changes chefs are making is adding gluten-free foods to their menu list. Parents and healthcare professionals hope this will have a strong impact on reversing the prevalence of diabetes throughout the country.

Joy Dubost is the director for the director for nutrition and healthy living for the National Restaurant Association. Dubost stated that nutrition has become one of the biggest concerns over the past few years among restaurants.

[box type=”note”]Although they have taken steps to improve the quality of nutrition for children’s foods in the past, next year they will be one of the top priorities of many restaurants.[/box]

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