Improving Your Health with a Gentle Soak

For thousands of years humans have taken advantage of the health benefits of soaking in a bath. The ancient Romans and other civilizations have left behind their bath ruins as testament to this. Although today modern people realize the hygienic importance of a bath, many do not realize the many health benefits they can receive as well. Here are just a few of the many benefits that can be received from taking a few moments each day to relax in a in the bath tub.

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Reducing Stress

Relaxing in the warm water is an excellent way to relieve the body of stress from the day. The soaking stimulates the body to release endorphins which helps the body combat the negative effects of stress. This release of endorphins and complete relaxation also helps with relieving tension on the heart.

Soothing Joints and Muscles

Water therapy is used to treat a number of ailments such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, and many more conditions. Even without these specific problems, as people age, they often find that their joints and muscles are more prone to becoming stiff and sore after a day of moving around. Soaking in water helps to reduce the stress on the joints and muscles, allowing them to recover from the day and become rejuvenated. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which can help the body to heal itself. Physicians have found that those who deal with arthritis were able to greatly enhance their mobility and quality of life through regular soaking.

Improved Circulation

The warm bath also encourages the capillaries near the top of the skin to open, which helps to stimulate increased blood flow, which in turn helps to improve overall circulation and oxygenation of the blood. The increased circulation helps the body to detoxify itself and improve metabolic processes. Interestingly, soaking in a tub has even been found to help improve blood sugar levels, which is very important for those afflicted with diabetes. It can also help lower blood pressure. Those with inflammation in the joints also found numerous benefits from the increased blood flow. The increased flow of oxygen rich blood to injured areas helped to speed healing and relief to those experiencing stiffness and pain.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of the daily body cycle as it helps keep all bodily systems strong by giving them a chance to rest and heal, but many people do not get enough sleep or poor quality sleep. Soaking in a tub helps to help slightly raise the body temperature, which in turn allows people to fall asleep much faster. The bath also helps promote deeper sleep and improved sleep cycles by relaxing the muscles and de-stressing the body.

Promotion of Wellness

For the elderly or those who have a disability, a quick soak in the tub may be difficult. Although many people, especially those in their senior years or with arthritis, may wish to take advantage of a relaxing bath, they may not feel safe entering and exiting a regular tub. A walk-in tub is a nice alternative and it allows them to enjoy their baths securely and without the need for assistance. Hydrotherapy is a wonderful non-invasive alternative therapy for the elderly and disabled.

A warm bath offers many homeopathic health benefits for people suffering from a variety of specific medical conditions as well as those simply dealing with advancing age. A long soothing soak in the bath tub can be the perfect solution to promote relaxation and improve overall quality of life.

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