How To Include Exercise In Your Daily Routine

The most common and over-used excuse that people use when it comes to exercising is that they do not have enough time. This psychological “lack of time” has always been the biggest hurdle that anyone who wishes to become physically fit should overcome. People use this excuse so many times that they end up really believing it. However, the truth is they have so much time in between activities and meetings that they can use these times to incorporate some physical activity in their lives.

Assuming that people aspiring for good health and a more fit body are really clueless as to how they can incorporate some exercise in their daily routine, below are some ways to add physical activity in between daily tasks.

  • While watching your favorite T.V. show, you can get a jumping rope and start jumping during commercial break. Or you can run on the treadmill while watching TV. You can also get a needak rebuonder and start rebounding in front of the tube. Try to challenge yourself and see how many jumps you can make during a thirty-seconder commercial.
  • If you’re torn between reading at home or jogging at the park, then why not do them together by availing of the audio book version of your book of choice. There are a lot of websites that sell  audio versions of books that can then be put on your iPod or MP3 player. You can listen to the book as you walk or jog. And here’s the bonus, you can enjoy sightseeing and a good book while you keep your body healthy.
  • When your weekends are filled with lunch dates with your girlfriends, you can coax them to come with you for a 30-minute brisk walk instead. You can still dish out the latest gossip and catch up with your friends as you walk. After which you can invite them to a healthy lunch instead of your usual steak and pasta fare.
  • Park as far from the entrance as possible. Not only will you minimize your waiting-time in looking for the closest parking spot but you will also do your body a good favor. You’ll burn extra calories just by walking from your car to the entrance and back. This is good especially if you’re going to the pharmacy wherein the time you spend inside the store is lesser than the time you walk from and to your car. It saves gas and gives you the exercise you need for the day.
  • Use your lunch break as a time for exercise. You can spend the first thirty-minutes of your break doing stretches and other exercise routines that can be done in your cubicle. The other half of your break, you can spend eating your lunch. Remember to eat your food slowly. When your mother told you to chew your food well, she really meant well. Chewing your food makes digestion easier thus making it easy for your body to burn the calories later on.

These are just some basic ideas on how you can include exercise in your life. There are so many other ways that you can do this such as doing the housework, while waiting in line, or even going up to your apartment floor using the stairs. Perhaps the essential thing that most people have to work on is their willingness to exercise and their motivation to further improve their health, well-being and way of life.

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